Chapter 65

He nods his head before we head of to the garage.


It's the next day and I'm currently getting ready for my date with Blaze.

I'm a little nervous not going to lie.

I haven't know Blaze for that long but I do really like him, I want to get to know him more and better.

Atlas suggested yesterday evening that he would take care of Elijah for a few hours while I'm on that date.

Elijah is still sleeping in my bed since it's still morning,

Blaze told me to dress casual and that we would be out the whole day.

When I'm finished getting dressed into a flower skirt, a cute top and a blazer while also having curled my hair and put some mascara on, I grab the same small bag from yesterday and walk back to the sleeping Elijah.

Elijah fell asleep on my chest last night after we went shopping.

He's got clothes and some other things now.

He has some toys, bathing supplies, art stuff, some books,...

After all that, I had some fun with my brothers by torturing our father.

He told us the truth about everything he's done.

He actually did know about the abuse like I had expected and he was mad when I wasn't being hurt anymore when I was with Henry which he found that a good reason to kill him.

He knew about Elijah as expected since John and my father actually had contact with each other.

My father knew I was being beaten and raped daily and he didn't do anything about it, in fact he encouraged it while he was beating my brothers.

He's such a fucked up man.

I pick the sleeping kid up and place him on my lap.

I gently stroke his back, waking him up slowly.

"Mama?" He croaks out, sleepily.

"Hey baby" I smile and kiss his head.

"I won't be here for a few hours so you'll be staying with your uncle Atlas for today." I say

"You come back?" He asks worried, scared.

"Yes, of course Elijah. Mama won't leave you, I'm just meeting up with someone and then I'll come back. Maybe uncle Atlas will bring you to the park or some playground if you ask him while I'm gone" I suggest

He nods his head and wraps his arms more tightly around me.

Soon I'm helping Elijah pick out some clothes for the day and get dressed.

He brushes his teeth and then we go downstairs.

I place Elijah in a chair and grab some bread and cheese which I give to him on a plastic plate.

"This is cheese" I tell him while pointing to the slice in between his bread.

"Thank you mama" he smiles.

"You're welcome baby" I smile gently at him and give him a kiss on the head as Atlas walks in.

"Hello unle Atas" Elijah greets Atlas as I give him a quick hug.

Speech is improving I see.

I smile and give Elijah a kiss on the head, "I'll see you later, okay. I love you baby" I smile gently while he eats his breakfast.

"I love mama" he smiles before he continues eating.

"Atlas, he needs to eat this noon so make sure he gets nutrients food then. Later today I'll also get a call if he's allergic to something so until then give him maybe that fruit from yesterday or bread and if he's behaving he can get some chocolate but not too much" I tell him

"Okay sis I'll take good care of him" he smiles

"You better, oh and thanks for looking after him today and well yesterday when I was showering and stuff. If you want money for it, I understand-" I start but he cuts me off

"Athena he's my nephew, I want to spend time with him besides I have nothing better to do" he says smiling

"You sure? I really can pay you for your time-"

"Athena, it's okay. Elijah and I are besties" he smiles while wrapping his arm around him.

I nod my head and smile, "okay thank you, also if you want to go out with him you can and make sure he drinks some water" I continue rambling a little, "oh yes, if he needs to use the bathroom, he'll tell you"

He nods his head androids I take a deep breath and walk to Elijah again.

"You sure you'll be okay?" I ask my son.

He smiles and nods his head, "have unle Atas here" he says

I nod my head and take a deep breath, "okay, okay. Be respectful and listen to your uncle okay"


"Okay I love you baby and love you Atlas, bye"

"Bye, love you mama" Elijah calls out as I leave while Atlas calls out a 'love you too Ena'.

I walk to the front door, open it and step forward when I suddenly come face to face with Blaze who has his hand raised to knock on the door.

"Hey" he says

"Hey, I didn't know you were here already" I say a little startled.

"Yeah I was just coming to get you" he says.

I look up at him as a small blush rises on my cheeks when I notice how close we really are.

Someone behind us clears his throat loud enough for me to turn around.


"Yes yes we're leaving" I mutter and walk out of the door with Blaze.

He opens the passenger car door for me and closes it when I'm inside.

He rushes over to the other side of the car and gets inside the drivers seat as I can't lose the smile that's now permanently seated on my face.

He starts the car and drives out of the gate.

His arms- the veins while he drives.

Jesus Christ

Is it hot in here? Because....

I force my eyes away from him and look outside, "so where are we going?" I ask him.

He glances at me before looking back at the road, "you'll know soon- it's a surprise" he says.

"I don't like surprises unless they are good" I say

"Aren't surprises always good" he questions

"Not always" not with John

"Most of the time" he says and I nod my head, "yes, most of the time" I repeat him, agreeing.


Blaze and I are at lunch now, he made us a picnic.

It's really cute

He's cute and sweet

He's a gentleman and we've been having nothing but amazing conversations.

But besides all the fun we're having, I know I have to tell him about Elijah.

If I don't and we continue this, we both might end up very hurt in the end and I don't want that for neither of us.

"Something's bothering you" Blaze says softly, gently

I look at him and nod my head, "I have to tell you something" I say nervously as he slowly sits up straighter and nods his head.

He looks nervous maybe a little scared.

"I wanted to tell you this now because if you would find this out later... I-...I have a child" I tell him

He looks at me shocked.

"A-a child"

I nod

He's quiet for a few seconds until, "Is the father still in the picture?" He asks me

I shake my head, "no, luckily he's dead" I say.

He looks at me slightly weirded out by my answer.

"You two didn't have the best relationship?" He asks.

"God no" I say

"You didn't love him?" He asks confused

"No, I hated the man, still do" I tell him

"Athena why on earth would you get a child with a man you hate?" He asks so so fucking confused

"Because I didn't have a choice, he raped me" it slips out of my mouth before I can really think about it, I swallow hard and look away blinking the tears away.

Yesterday I was getting raped, sensitive subject.

He stills and looks horrified

"Oh god, I'm so sorry" he apologizes

"Don't apologize, you didn't know" I say.

"You kept the child" he says.

"Yep, I didn't know I was pregnant until I went into labor" I say.

"Do you love your child? It must be difficult"

"It was in the beginning. I hated him, it was a constant reminder of what had happened but eventually I started liking him. He's nothing like John, he's sweet, adoring, loving and so much more. He doesn't look even the slightest bit like him, physically and emotionally" I tell him.

He nods his head and looks at the lake for a few moments until I start talking again.

"If-...if you don't want to continue whatever this is, I understand. I mean if we might start dating, it would probably..." I stop talking not knowing what to say.

He turns to me and grabs my hands in his while looking me in the eyes, "Athena, you having a child doesn't change my feelings towards you. Yes, I'm a little surprised and it will be a little confusing for a while but...I believe we can make this work. I want to get to know you beter and maybe eventually if we're doing well, meet your son" he says smiling gently.

I smile and nod my head before I wrap him in a hug.

His arms wrap around my body as mine wrap around his neck.

"Thank you" I say.

"For what?" He asks.

"For giving us a try"

He gives me a small kiss on the cheek as we pull away.

I blush a little as his arm stays around me, holding me close.

We looks at the lake where a few ducks are in.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

We stay here for a few more hours as we talk and laugh until we wrap things back up and he drives me back home.

Once again he opens the car door for me.

"Thank you" I smile brightly at him.

He holds my hands as he walks me to the front door, "thank you for today" I say sincere.

"I had a lot of fun" he says at the same time.

I smile even brighter, "I had a lot of fun today too" I tell him.

He hugs me as I hug him back.

When we pull away, we stay really close.

Really really close.

My eyes fall down to his lips.

I cast my eyes back and look him in his eyes.

His own flicker back from where they were looking at before.

Slowly we start getting closer, I step on my tippy toes as his arm snatches around my waist.

Suddenly the front door opens, Atlas.

That son of a bitch.

I was having my moment.

You know that moment- a Wattpad moment.

Blaze and I quickly release each other but keep holding hands as we look at him.

Where is Elijah!?

Atlas sees the immediate worry in my eyes, "he's eating dinner with the others, he's okay" he says quickly.

"Now. What were you two about to do?" He asks while raising his eyebrow and crossing his arms over each other.

"I-.." I keep quiet not knowing what to say.

"We were having a moment Atlas" Blaze says annoyed.

"Well I must have interrupted your moment then" he smiles

He did this on purpose

I glare at him as he steps forward and opens his arm to say 'come inside Athena'.

I turn to Blaze once more, "I'll see you at school tomorrow" I say and give him a quick kiss on the corner of his lips.

I want to real kiss to be more...intimate? I guess.

After that Atlas and I go inside while a blushing Blaze gets inside of his car again.

I walk into the dining room where all the others are seated.

"Mama!" Elijah calls out happily as Vincenzo helps him on the ground.

He runs to me and I open my arms while crouching down.

He flies into my arms and wraps his arms around my neck.

I laugh a little and hug the happy kid back.

"I miwssed you" he says

"I missed you too baby, did you have fun today?" I ask him

"Yeah, unle Atas and I go playgrwound" he tells me.

I smile while picking him up, "that's so much fun, I'm a little jealous now" I smile.

"Mama have fun?" He asks me.

"Yes, mama had a great time, really great" I smile while I place him back in his chair before I walk to my own and start eating with the others.

This..this is nice.

I have my son, my brothers, my best friend, my other friends, my businesses and my might to be future boyfriend.

A lot of shit happened in my life- like a lot.

But I'm finally starting to really be happy.

I feel good, I've thrown away all my weed too actually.

I'm happy with my life for the first time in my life and I wouldn't change a thing if I could because if I did that, I wouldn't have this.