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"Happy 32nd bitch!"

I snort as I fix my earrings, "Thanks Matty"

"Your welcome, where's Ally let me say hi"

"She's not awake yet"

"Is that C?" I hear another voice

I frown, "Enzo?"

"Happy birthday baby sister"

I smile, "Thanks, leave me alone now"

"I've got your birthday beats waiting" Matty says with a mouthful of food

I roll my eyes playfully before ending the call. Thirty two doesn't feel that different from thirty one. I guess once you hit thirty you don't feel old until forty, "Momma!" I hear on the baby monitor

I walk out of my bathroom before going downstairs to the next floor, where my daughters room is. I open her door before flicking on the light and smiling, "Well good morning Alaska"

She sits in her pool of comforters as I make my way over, "Did you sleep good?"

She nods as she lifts up her arms and I pick her up before heading towards towards the bathroom, "Let's go brush your teeth"

I was about to say that I was surprised Alaska woke up before Thiago, but then as I was wiping her mouth I heard a little crash downstairs. "Uh oh"

"Yeah uh oh" I carry her with me

My kitchen floor has cereal spilled all over it along with some milk, "T I tell you every time to wait for me" I sigh

He pouts, "I wanted to make you breakfast"

He can be so sweet sometimes

I kiss him on the cheek and he lifts his shoulders up, "Thank you baby"

"Go go" Alaska giggles as I put her down

"It's mommy's birthday Ally"

"She's three I don't think she'll get it" I say amused

I pick up a napkin before crouching down to wipe away the milk on the floor and Alaska sits opposite me. I hear Thiago's little footsteps descend before they run towards me once more, I turn back. He has a white basket in hand, "Ooh what's this?"

He shrugs as I take it from him

Both my kids watch curiously as I set it down, inside it is pink..... literally everything is pink. There's two bottles of alcohol, some candy and all sorts of beauty products. I look at everything in awe, "Pink!" Ally says excitedly

"Yeah, pink" I say amused

I read the note rested besides it

Happy fucking birthday!
-from Grace xo

I'll make a note to thank her later

"Can I have one?" Thiago points at some of the candy and I nod before answering my phone

"Share with Ally-.... Hey"

"Happy birthday pussy!"

Great language

I roll my eyes playfully, "Thanks Aaron. Reminder, the kids are here"

"My bad, hey T and global"

I sit at the island, "It's fine they're too busy eating candy"

"Has Carter called?"

"No but I know he's in a meeting"

I haven't seen Carter in three weeks, he had to leave for a business trip. Honestly I hate it sometimes, I have to deal with our three year old and six year old on my own -it's annoying when they start fighting each other-, plus I have to deal with an empty bed. "Carmen"


"About Carter he...-

I narrow my eyes, "He what?"

"He won't be back till Monday"

I scoff, "What?"

"He was gonna tell you but-

"Can I call you back?"

"C we both know you won't call back-

"Great see you later" I end the call before ringing the other line

I mean seriously, I haven't seen you in three weeks and now I hear this?

The call goes straight to voicemail and I scoff with annoyance, "And when were you gonna tell me that your trip was extended to Monday. You don't think that telling your wife you won't see her on her birthday is a good idea? Thanks, I had to find out from Aaron" I end the call before tossing my phone aside

Now my days ruined

"Was that daddy?" Thiago asks

I sigh as I get up, "No it was uncle Aaron" I reply before continuing to clean up his mess

"Mommy can I have a lollipop?-

Ally continues to sob and I roll my eyes as I open the door, "T put it down"

I hand Alaska her pacifier before picking her up from her car seat and shutting the door, I then lock the car before heading up the porch steps and Thiago follows.

I wipe my daughters eyes as I ring the doorbell, "Your hungry baby I know"

She lies on me and I kiss her on the head as Melissa opens the door, T jumps excitedly. "Hi grandma!"

She laughs as he hugs her, "Hey honey"

He then runs into the house and she looks at me softly, "Happy birthday Carmen"

I accept her hug with a smile, "Thanks mom"

"Your welcome, Junes inside"

As I walk into the house a three year old Kaitlyn runs towards me before hugging my leg and laughing, I smile as I crouch down. "Hi baby"


"Ally give Kaitlyn a hug" She takes her hand as I put her down

"Go ask grandma for some food"

They walk away and I stand up once more, "For someone who just turned thirty two you don't look so happy" June says amused

"That's because the thirty two year old just found out her husband isn't coming home tonight"

She follows me to the kitchen, "Wait what?"

"He comes back on Monday"

"Who's back on Monday?" Zoe walks in with baby Esme and I kiss her on the cheek, she giggles

"Carter" June answers

"How come?"

"His trip got extended"

"Yikes, it's fine we'll make today a good day"

I sure hope so

"Happy birthday aunt Carmen"

I smile at Xavier, "Thank you sweetie"

June hands me a mall gift card as our sons chase each other around the living room, "Live your wildest dreams"

I gasp, "Every store?"

She smiles with a nod, "Every store"

"Fuck yeah"

"Aunt Carmen said a bad word!" Elijah points

"I'll give you a dollar"

He smiles

Zoe raises her fist into the air once more, "Tree!" Aaron calls out

"No you asshole"

"Car!" Thiago shouts

"Try again baby"

He frowns as she acts it out once more, "Zoe your bad at this" Lola informs her

"Look carefully-

"Times up!" Aaron calls out

She huffs as she sits down, "It was superman"

"That was the worst impression in the world"

"Shut up, who's next"


"I'll sit this one out"

I'm not really in the mood to play, and besides I enjoy watching these idiots make complete fools of themselves with this game. "You sure?" Grace asks

I nod, "It's your birthday, you have to" Zoe persuades

"She's dick deprived"

"Try husband deprived" I correct

"Carmen" Melissa calls me

Saved by the bell

I get up before heading over to the kitchen, where she and Julia currently are. "I left your gift in the guest room, why don't you go have a look"

Nothing makes me more excited than gifts

"Ooh ok" I tuck my phone into my back pocket before making my way up the stairs

If it's clothes then I'll forever be thankful, Melissa knows my style therefore I don't ever have to secretly return anything she gets me. I love guessing my presents, however as I walk into the room I don't spot anything that could even look like a gift, there's only a bed and a dresser.

My phone rings and I feel a rush of annoyance as I answer it, "Oh look who finally decided to call me back"

"Happy birthday baby-

"No don't baby me, you couldn't even tell me you weren't coming back"

"Well I'm telling you now aren't I"

"That's not good enough"

"Would it make a difference if I said sorry?"

I frown, "You sound close"

I feel someone's presence behind me and then I hear a whisper with amusement. "I am"

I widen my eyes as I turn around, there's no way...

After processing the fact that my husband is standing right in front of me with the biggest grin on his face I frown, "Miss me?-

I punch him in the shoulder and he groans as he holds it in pain, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Jesus C!"

My eyes then soften and I immerse myself into him, he eventually lifts me up into a hug and spins us around. "I hate you" I murmur into his shoulder

He kisses me on the cheek as I close my eyes, "I know"

I lift up my head, "Do you enjoy seeing me sad or something?"

Carter smiles, "No but I do love pranking you"

I do what I've been wanting to do for weeks, kiss him. It was so desperate and loving, I kissed him as if it were my first time and I had no idea what he tasted like.

Then I pull away breathlessly, "Just for that I'm gonna sleep naked and you won't be able to touch me"

"Whatever you say Carmen" He brings our lips back together and this time I smile against him

"I missed you so much"

"Good" I reply

"Just a heads up though, I've got another meeting next week-

I pinch him on the shoulder and he flinches, "I was kidding!"

"Yeah you better have been" I murmur before giving him another kiss


He looks towards the door before setting me back down and crouching, "Hi baby"

Alaska runs into his arms and he lifts her up, she giggles as he kisses her. "I missed you"

I smile as I watch them, "Mommy sad" She tells him

He laughs, "Trust me I know-

I roll my eyes, "Ok I wasn't sad"

He puts an arm around me, "Are you calling Alaska a liar?"

"Hm?" Our daughter answers, I tickle her before wrapping my arms around her dad once more

"Aww it's a family reunion" Grace says amused

Melissa follows her in, "Did we get her?"

Carter nods, "We got her"

"Ah so this was a group effort"

Grace smiles, "Maybe"

"Well I'm content with my gift and I can't wait to unwrap it, thanks guys" I say amused

She groans before taking Alaska, "Ew"

"Daddy?" We hear Thiago run up the stairs and Carter smiles

"Hey buddy"

Our son jumps up before clinging onto his neck happily, "Did you miss me?"

T nods into Carters shoulder and his face softens before he kisses him on the head.

"Ok ok we get it Carters back, let's focus on the birthday girl now" Grace interrupts

Thiago looks back, "Happy birthday mommy"

"Thank you baby"

"Speaking of the birthday girl" Carter sets down Thiago before opening a draw and taking out a blue box

I frown, "What is that"

Inside it was the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen. The beautiful piece of jewellery holds a long chain of gold flowers at the centre with a pink gem, I raise my eyebrows as he presents it to me. "Carter you did not spend that much money on me"

"Indeed I did"

"How many carats is that" Melissa asks curiously

He shrugs, "Eighteen"

"Holy shit" His sister scoffs

He lifts it out of the box, "Baby this is too much" I say hesitantly

Carter clasps it around my neck before kissing me on the cheek, "You know I'd spend more if you let me"

"Thank you" I say softly

"Your welcome"

"I want gold!" Thiago announces

"Gold!" Alaska copies

Grace pats his shoulder, "When you grow a little"

"Millers! Foods ready!" Zoe shouts from downstairs

"Come on Go go" Thiago follows Melissa out willingly, funnily enough Carters fifteen minutes of fame ran out.

However our daughter hasn't forgotten about him just yet, Alaska holds onto his hand.

"Your ass"

I frown as I turn back, "What?"

He checks me out. "Nothing, it's big"

I smile with amusement, "Thanks"

He slaps it before lifting up our daughter and following me out of the room.

I was a little surprised to see the setup when we got downstairs, there were two balloons -by the wall- with the numbers three and two, then there was a red velvet cake placed on the island along with a few bottles of alcohol. And then food covering the dining table to finish off, "You guys this is amazing" I praise

"Courtesy of me and Zo" June says proudly, I kiss her on the cheek

"Well if it isn't my favourite Miller" Aaron claps

Thiago frowns at him, "After you of course"

My son smiles before sitting next to Melissa, "I know you fuckers were bored without me" Carter says whilst chewing on some grapes

Alaska places a finger on his mouth and he pretends to bite it, they honestly never cease to make me smile.

"I had to watch football with Zoe, it was a horror" His best friend replies

I know damn well he wouldn't have said that if she was in the room. Thankfully Xavier was there to defend his mom and rightfully gave his dad a head flick, "Your too much of a pussy to say that in front of her"


"Say what to who?" Zoe asks as she walks back in with Esme in her arms

"Nothing" Aaron says quickly

I decide to mind my business and instead help Thiago with his plate of food, "I don't want any potatoes" He complains

"It's healthy"

He pouts, "Finish those and you can have some candy" Melissa winks

He sits up immediately before reaching for his fork and I roll my eyes playfully, "So birthday girl how do you feel" Zoe asks

"Much much better"

"You were wrong for that prank" She chuckles at Carter

He's currently being occupied by Alaska, instead of eating she's got her hands over his eyes and her elbow in his mouth, it's kind of funny. "Yeah well I think it was a good one-

"No peeking dada"

"Sorry" He closes his eyes once more

"Looks like Ally's the boss today" Melissa snorts

I drink some wine, "Indeed she is"

June claps, "Anyway let's eat before this food gets cold"

The evening came by pretty quickly and eventually a few of my siblings came over to Melissa's house for my birthday -Matty, Enzo, Lola... plus Sienna-, I slice a few strawberries before placing them into a bowl and giving it to Thiago.

I watch as he eats one, "Good?"

He nods and I smile before pressing a kiss onto his head, "Mama"


"You look really beautiful today"

I smile softly, "Thank you baby"

That compliment took me by surprise because I never expected to hear it from my son at this age, nonetheless it felt very good to hear. "Why don't you go share the rest with Elijah and Kaitlyn" I gesture

I help him off the island and he runs off to the front room, I then tilt my head to the side with amusement. "You wanna show mommy some love too?"

My daughter comes out of hiding before running into my arms and I smile as I lift her up, "My pretty Alaska" I place kisses all over her face and she giggles as we walk down the hallway

"Cold mommy"

"Let's ask Grandma where your sweater is-

I stop in front of a window, something in the backyard has caught my eye. It's dark outside but I can sense a light, "Hold on honey"

I push open the door to the backyard with one hand before stepping out into the cold, I notice a few candles surrounding the hot tub. However that's not what had me staring in awe, it was the petals scattered all over the water that got me. "What is this" I say amused

Carter blows out a match before pulling up his sleeves, "Why don't you come here and find out"

"Daddy!" Alaska says excitedly

He blows her a kiss before looking back at me, "You know I don't have a bikini on me right"

"Come anyway"

I look around before Matty comes out of nowhere, "I'll watch her" He takes Alaska from me and I smile thankfully before shutting the door

Carter continues to gesture as I walk towards the tub, "There we go you got it"

I tie up my hair before frowning, "It's only water Carmen"

"Shut up"

I'll admit, the warmth from the hot tub feels really nice on my feet. I fully insert myself into the water before closing my eyes with relief, "Almost there" He says amused

I roll my eyes after opening them, "This is crazy"

He smiles as I swim towards him, "We wouldn't be us without a little bit of crazy"

I wrap my arms around Carter's neck as he lifts my legs around his waist, "Have I told you you look beautiful today?"

"Surprisingly no"


"It's ok Thiago did it for you"

He grins, "That's my boy"

Carter draws circles on my neck as I lie on him, "I can't believe I'm thirty two, it feels old"

"Yeah well your pussy is certainly youn-

I cover his mouth, "Save the sex talk for later"

"Yes ma'm" His muffled voice replies

"Your supposed to kiss her!" A voice calls out from the other side of the pool

We both turn back, "Matty go away" I say amused

"Kiss!" Alaska shouts

I look back at my husband expectantly, "You heard her"

I close my eyes as he leans in and presses a long lasting kiss onto my lips

Life is great

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