Random Bonus Chapter Part 2

Again, NO PLOT, NO DEVELOPMENT, pure joy on my part.


|| ||

24 Hours Later...

"Ugh," a moan interrupts my hazy dream. "What the fu-?" An arm smacks my face suddenly, making me bolt upright and immediately regret it due to the excruciating pain in my head.

We had gotten to the hotel yesterday afternoon and hadn't even unpacked before we decided that we had to go out and experience real freedom. I used Tessa's connection to get us into the first club and from then on most of the night is a blur.

I look around the room slowly trying to understand my surroundings. The first thing I notice is the purple loveseat positioned in the middle of the suite. Hold up, suite? Another glance around the room confirms that I am actually lying in a king sized bed that is facing what I assume is a beautiful ocean since I can hear the waves crashing but the curtains or closed. There's a large living room with bright colored furniture, hence the purple loveseat. Well fuck, this isn't my room. I internally start panicking trying to remember what had happened the night before for me to end up in some random apartment.

And then I remember the arm that is laying on my lap that does not belong to me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, terrified of what stranger I slept next to all night. When I look over I can't help the sigh of relief that leaves my body. Not a random stranger, just Olivia.

"Liv," I hiss, moving her arm off me. She groans and rolls over pulling the pillow from under her head and putting it over her head trying to block out my voice. "LIV!" She flinches and lifts the pillow off her head and stares at me with half-closed eyes.

"Why?" Is all she says.

"Where the hell are we?" I ask in a loud panic.

"Shhhh!" A bunch of voices call out and I squeal in surprise. A blonde mess of hair sits up from the floor and looks over at us.

"Can you guys keep it down? I have a monster headache," the messy-haired blonde mumbles before she lays back down.

"Who the fuck is that?" I breathe a whisper to Olivia as she sits up, looking around the room.

Olivia shrugs and proceeds to pick up her pillow, throwing it at the girl on the floor, "Hey, who are you?"

A loud sigh is heard and the messy-haired blonde sits back up and turns to face us, "Taylor, Taylor Doe? This is my apartment you're currently in."

Olivia looks at her calculatingly, "Huh, okay."

"No not 'okay', who are you?" I demand more forcefully.

She sighs again, "We just went over this," she mumbles to herself. "My name is Taylor Do-."

"I know your name, but I want to know who you are and why we ended up in your apartment," I wail, letting my anxiety get the best of me.

"Char, chill, at least we're not dead in a ditch. Think of the positives!" Olivia says reassuringly.

"Man, how drunk were you last night?" Taylor Doe asks with a cheeky tired smile.

I look around the room again and notice a few more girls lying all over the room. Is that girl sleeping on the dining room table? "If this is your apartment then why are we sleeping in your bed?"

She chuckles to herself, "Because you and Olivia got us away from the cops, remember? Fallon, Courtney and I were being handcuffed for public indecency and then Olivia took her top off and started running down the street while you and your friend Quinn found the keys to let us go."

Olivia laughs loudly, "Did I really?"

My heart seizes in my chest, "Where's Quinn and Courtney?"

The girl on the dining room table turns on her side to look at us, "We lost them after we got kicked out of Billions."

"Billions? What the fuck is Billions?" I slip out of bed and look down at the purple flannel pajama's I'm wearing, "Whose pajamas are these?" My voice is high-pitched.

Olivia lifts up the comforter to examine herself, "And can I keep mine? They're awesome," she states, climbing out of the bed. She's wearing a matching turquoise set of Llama pajamas. Both the tank top and the shorts have Llamas in various poses on them.

Taylor Doe nods her head nonchalantly and stands up. "I need coffee. Coffee anyone?"

About three 'Yes's' come from around the room. Olivia and I follow Taylor to the kitchen. "I'm Fallon, by the way," the girl on the table raises her hand as she slumps to the ground.

"I'm Poppy!" A girl that has to be a few years older than us waves her hand in the air from the purple loveseat.

"I'm Erin," another girl groans out from the other side of the room, where an incredibly burned girl is draped across an armchair.

We walk across the bedroom and out the dining room until we turn the corner and walk into the kitchen. My eyes widen at the three boys standing around the kitchen making breakfast.

"Good morning, ladies, have a fun night?" The tall one with red hair asks with a smirk on his face as he flips a pancake.

"Fallon lost her bra last night," Taylor informs them as she walks over to a cupboard and pulls out a couple of mugs.

One of the guys with shaggy black hair and an intricate tattoo on his forearm shakes his head, exasperated, "Again? I swear to god next time she goes drinking I'm just going to superglue her bra to her."

The only guy that hasn't spoken yet stares at us quietly, "You two are new." He comments, running a hand through his close-cropped brown hair. Taylor walks over to him and wraps her arms around his waist, kissing him passionately. Ew, she hasn't even brushed her teeth yet.

"Picked them up last night," Taylor tells them with a cheeky grin.

"Did, uh, did you guys stay here last night?" I ask quietly, hoping to god the answer is no.

The redhead shakes his head, "Nah, we came through this morning, figured the girls could use some hangover cures."

"Babe, my sunburn hurts," Erin whines as she shuffles into the room, being careful not to bend her arms or make any sudden movements. The redhead abandons the pancakes and comes around the counter, carefully wrapping his arms around her.

"Look at the bright side, Erin, you two match!" The shaggy-haired tattoo guy laughs at the couple.

"Shut the fuck up, Travis," The redhead growls, kissing his girl gently on the lips.

"Oh come on, Aaron that was funny," Travis defends himself.

"I thought it was," Olivia shrugs, moving across the kitchen to help Taylor with the coffee, I still haven't moved an inch since walking into the kitchen.

"See? Random girl gets it," Travis laughs, moving over to the stove to finish off the pancakes. "Who are you two anyway?"

"I'm Olivia Grace."

The three boys turn their attention to me and I just manage to squeak out, "I'm Charlotte Hayes."

"Cool, cool, cool," Travis nods his head, pouring batter into the frying pan. "High schoolers?"

"Just graduated actually," Olivia says, grabbing a few k-cups from a drawer that Taylor pointed at as she mans the Keurig.

"Yeah, Fallon and Erin just graduated too," Aaron, the redhead, tells us. "We've just finished our first year in college."

"That's... great," I reply awkwardly.

"Hey Liv, do you want us to leave some for your boyfriend?" Taylor turns to Olivia.

Olivia scrunches her eyebrows in confusion, "What?"

"Your boyfriend, Sebastian?" Taylor says as if this is obvious.

Olivia raises an eyebrow, "Yeah, what about him?"

Now Taylor raises an eyebrow, "You called him last night? Told him to come meet you." Olivia continues to stare at Taylor blankly. "Because you missed him?"

Olivia looks over at me and I just shrug helplessly. 

"Does anyone know where my phone is?" she asks, looking around the kitchen.

"I put your phones on charge next to my bed before we fell asleep, they should still be there," Taylor smiles, turning back to the Keurig.

"I should call Courtney and Quinn to make sure they're alright," I say, following Olivia back to the bedroom.

"Do I smell breakfast?" Fallon asks as she scrolls through her phone while lying on the dining room table where she slept.

"Uh yeah, there's some guys there cooking," I gesture in the direction of the kitchen and her face lights up as she jumps off the table and sprints into the kitchen. "Dipshit, you're here!"

"I missed you too, babe," Travis' voice replies sarcastically. "Heard you lost your bra again, did you at least keep your top on this time?" A muffled response is given as Olivia and I step back into the bedroom.

The other girl, Poppy, is sitting on the armchair that Erin had vacated, scrolling through her phone, "Shit I have work in an hour," she mumbles, standing up and moving into Taylor's closet.

"Liv, I'm scared," I tell her immediately, once we're alone.

"Chill, if they were going to kill us, they would have done it already," she replies, calming me down as she unplugs my phone and tosses it to me so that she can grab hers.

"Holy fuck, fifteen missed called from Sebastian," I groan, scrolling through the ten threatening text messages that went along with them.

Olivia waves her phone in the air, "I win, thirty missed calls." "I didn't actually tell him to come, did I?" she mumbles to herself, scrolling through her message log as I call Quinn's number.

"Charlotte?" Quinn's voice almost makes me sob in relief.

"Oh thank God you're okay, where are you?" I demand.

"At the hotel, we lost you and Liv last night but the girl we met, Taylor called us and said that you crashed at her apartment."

"And you left us here?" I almost shout, "What if she was a murderer Quinn?"

"Charlotte, she's Lilly's cousin remember? And her brother is a police officer, the one that tried to arrest her for indecent exposure, how drunk were you last night?" Quinn chuckles.

"What the actual fuck happened last night?" Practically hysterical.

"Lilly called me last night while we were at Origin and said her cousin was at this other club named Billions and could get us in for free, so we went over there. Then Olivia got us all kicked out for starting a mosh pit in the middle of the dance floor and we lost you in the crowd. Courtney and I are at the hotel, we figured we'd have breakfast and wait for you to sleep off the hangover."

"You started a mosh pit in the middle of a dance floor?" I ask Olivia in disbelief.

She looks up from her phone, "Seriously? Drunk me is so much cooler than regular me," she groans in jealousy.

The doorbell rings and suddenly there's a cheer from the other room and loud voices talking over one another, "So you must be Sebastian! Olivia could not stop talking about you all night!" Taylor's voice carries through the house.

"Holy shit, guess I did call him. I am way too hungover for all this information," she mumbles, digging through her handbag and pulling out a couple Aspirin, dry swallowing them and then handing me two.

We walk back out towards the kitchen where I again stop dead in my tracks. "Yeah, she was terrified of the Grinch when she was a kid, every time he smiled she screamed," Tessa says with a grin as she bites into a piece of toast.

"Tessa?" My mouth drops open as I stomp over to her. "What the hell are you doing here?"

She smiles lazily at me, taking another bite of toast, "Just had to see you at rock bottom for myself," she lifts her phone and before I can process what's happening, she's already taken a picture of me. "Sup Liv."

Olivia slaps her hand in hello and immediately walks over to Sebastian and straight into his arms. "Hey, babe, have fun last night?" he chuckles, rubbing her back softly.

"Shut up," she snaps, burying her head in his chest.

"You let the fifteen year old come?" I glare at Sebastian.

Travis coughs loudly, "No shit you're fifteen," he says with his jaw dropped.

"What are you, like 5'10"?" Aaron asks, staring at her like she's an alien.

"5'9" and a half actually, hoping to hit 6' in a year or two," she comments, swiveling around on  the barstool.

Olivia, finally having enough of hugging Sebastian, leans back and hits him in the arm, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

His mouth drops open, "You asked me to come," he argues.

"Yeah but I was drunk, and this is a girls week. And how did you even get here?" she tilts her head in curiosity.

"Told dad Tess and I were spending the day together so he let us borrow his car," Sebastian smirks, leaning over the counter and high-fiving Tessa.

"He's going to kill you both when he finds out you came here," I tell them both with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Just like he's going to kill you for getting blackout drunk and ending up in some rando's apartment?" Tessa asks innocently. "Yeah, I thought so too."

"Crap," I mutter.

"Are you guys related or something?" Fallon asks, looking back and forth between all of us.

"Sebastian is my younger brother and Tessa is my younger sister," I inform them, still glaring at Tessa.

"And your best friend is dating your brother? Talk about awkward," Taylor says in a sing-song voice, handing out the cups of coffee to everyone around the room.

"Dude you play COD?" Travis asks Sebastian.

"Hell yeah I do."

"Awesome, we were gonna play a round while the girls eat."

"I'm so down," Sebastian replies enthusiastically as he follows the boys into the living room.

"Aaaand, we've lost them for the next couple of hours," Erin says, rolling her eyes as she grabs plates and starts handing them out to everyone.

"Fuck that, I want in!" Tessa shouts, following after them.

Quick heel steps echo through the kitchen as Poppy walks in, dressed in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt with black heels. "Okay I'm off, next time you need money for a casino, don't call me, you lost two thousand dollars last night," Poppy kisses each of the girls on the cheeks and hugs Olivia and I. She grabs my cheeks, squishing them together, "But you, you won me five thousand at blackjack, who knew you were so good?" She taps my cheek lightly and walks out of the room.

Olivia lets out a strangled laugh at the shocked look on my face.

"What the fuck happened last night?"

|| ||

I've had these in my drafts since 2018 just by the way.

Sammipott xx