107- Broken Rules

Carlisle looked back at Aro, an attempt of a smile on his face. "Aro, great to see you again. Although I wish it were under different circumstances."

"Yes," Aro replied, his voice even and devoid of emotion. His eyes left Carlisle as he glanced at Jasper and me. "And who is.." his voice cut out as his eyes widened in recognition. "My, Emma. You look different. I almost didn't recognize you."

Jasper reached his arm to grab my hand, not liking the attention being on me. Aro's eyes traveled back to Jasper because of this. "Glad to see you saved your lover after our last visit," Aro continued.

"Why don't we get to the matter at hand," Carlisle suggested, not liking the strange conversation with Aro. "Let us discuss things as we used to, in a civilized manner."

I could see others in their group were looking over our group, trying to see exactly who we had on our side and why they were there. We outnumbered them, as I had suspected, and all of them were looking back at the pack, not liking their presence.

Aro spoke up again. "Strange words, Carlisle, for the battalion you've assembled."

"We're not here to fight," Carlisle answered. "We're here to talk."

Aro's eyes left Carlisle once again, looking at Jasper and me. He reached his hand out toward Marcus, who took his hand, letting Aro see all our bonds clearly without guessing. Both their eyes traveled from Jasper and me to Seth and Charlotte, who were standing behind Sam.

"I see the young child is here," Aro said, not looking away from the pack. "And it seems you have broken more laws than I thought."

"She's not an immortal child, Aro. You have been told wrong information." Carlisle spoke to Aro as if we were having a casual conversation. "Emma gave birth to her, and she grows every day."

"False!" Caius screamed out, not believing Carlisle.

Aro held up his hand, silencing Caius as he turned to Jasper. "I would like to get information from a trusted source. Jasper, please come."

I let go of Jasper's hand and watched him make his way across the field. He reached Aro and held out his hand for Aro to take. As Aro did, I felt someone move behind me. Someone's hand rested on my shoulder, and I glanced to see Emmet standing beside me, ready to help if necessary.

Aro's eyes glazed over before he mumbled, "incredible." He let go of Jasper's hand, looking at him in awe. "I would like to meet her," Aro said, looking at me.

I gave him a nod, knowing this was the best course of action, before looking at Sam. "Come on, kids," I said, getting Seth's attention.

Seth gripped Charlotte's hand in his tightly while leading her over to me. I placed my hand on Charlotte's shoulder as Emmet walked next to Seth. The four of us walked up to Aro and stopped next to Jasper.

"Aro," I said kindly, "meet Charlotte."

Charlotte reached out her hand as Aro kneeled down to greet her. Instead of taking his hand, she placed her hand on his face, showing him her memories. I watched her with pride as she handled the situation well.

"Incredible," Aro said as he stood back up. He leveled himself with me, ready to talk once again. "It seems your family is more than meets the eye," he told me. "They all take after you."

"Thank you," I told him, giving him a small smile.

"May I?" He held out his hand as he spoke, wanting to see my memories.

I held my hand out and took his hand in mine. I felt his power wash over me, letting me see all his memories if I so choose. Instead, I shook off his power, not wanting it to overtake me. I watched his reaction as he saw everything I had been through, and I saw him smile in astonishment.

"You've turned into something incredible, Emma," Aro told me, letting go of my hand. "You may all return to your family."

The five of us made out way back to where we were as Aro turned to face the rest of the Volturi. "Where is Irina?" he asked.

We watched as Irina stepped forward. All of the Denalis were looking at her, hurt that she would turn on everyone as she did.

"You were wrong," Aro told her. "And made us come out here for no reason."

"I admit I was wrong about the immortal child," Irina consented. "But they hang out with wolves and tell humans about our kind."

"They are a threat," Jane said, joining the conversation. She stepped forward, ready to attack, and I did not like that.

"Jane dear, stop," Aro told her.

Instead of listening, Jane walked closer, with Alec just behind her. I stepped forward, ready to stop them and gain Jane's attention. Her eyes met mine as she said, "pain."

I felt her power reach out to hurt me. I let it wash over me before blocking her power completely. I smirked at her before stepping forward and saying, "pain."

Everyone watched as Jane crumpled to the ground, feeling the pain she usually inflicted upon others. Alec dropped to the ground, trying to help his sister, when he sent his powers out to me as well. I let Jane's powers go as Alec's washed over me. I copied his powers, blocked them, and sent both Alec and Jane into darkness, using Alec's powers on both of them to stop them.

"What an impressive display," Aro said, gaining my attention.

I looked up to see the entire Volturi looking at me in awe. I had disabled their two most powerful assets in a matter of moments.

"You truly are an incredible girl," Marcus told me. "Such a shame you insist on breaking our rules."

"Why must those rues exist?" I asked him. I was already sure they were all mad at me; why not go out with a bang? "Times have changed, and we don't have to live by the rules of the past."

"The world would implode if it learned about vampires," Caius told me.

"I do not doubt that," I replied. "By why punish everyone who tells those that will not freak out or reveal our secret. It's the same as the wolves knowing."

"Are you going to do something or not?" Irina asked, looking at Aro.

Everyone's attention turned to Aro, awaiting his decision. His eyes met mine as he came to his conclusion. "I cannot kill such a magnificent person," he told me. "And perhaps your way of thinking could help us adapt to this ever-changing world."

"But they are friends with the wolves and humans!" Irina called out angrily.

"Irina," Marcus said, cutting her off. "That's because they are all a family, and no rules could ever have stopped them from forming that family. It seems it was all Emma's doing."

"Thank you, Aro," Carlisle said. "I am glad to see you still have some sense."

I turned my attention back to the twins on the floor and released them from Alec's powers. They both got up, looking stunned, before going back to their places behind Aro.

"It appears it is time for us to leave," Aro said, looking around at us once more. "But I do believe we will check in from time to time. Your family fascinates me."

"Perhaps we can come out to Volterra some time," Carlisle suggested, not liking the idea of them traveling out a bunch.

"I think that would be great," Aro replied.

"So there was no fight after all," Caius said, getting ready to leave.

"Actually," I replied, thinking of something they could help with. "If you would like to fight someone, a pack on the east coast has been causing problems for years. You could take them down easily and get rid of a problem while getting that fight you might have been looking for."

Aro looked at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking about. "I think we might just check up on that. Thank you, Emma."

I nodded once before watching them turn and leave the field. As they left, Irina was left on the field with us. She took one look at us before leaving a different way, going off on her own. As soon as she did, it was as if the weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders.

I felt arms crash around me and leaned into Jasper as he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. "I love you so much," he told me.

"I love you too," I told him.

As he let go, I saw Charlotte and Seth running up to us, arms wide open. Jasper and I pulled them into a hug, happy that everyone was safe.

"You were so brave," I told them both, proud of them.

"Aro's not that scary once you talk to him," Charlotte told me.

"That is true," a voice replied.

I looked up to see Carlisle was the one who had spoken. Behind him, the rest of the family was celebrating the fact that we were safe. Everyone gathered together, sharing hugs and joy. I went over, celebrating with everyone.

Eventually, I made it over to Nathan. "You sent them after our pack?" he asked me.

"Yeah, you okay with that?" I asked him, hoping he was. We hadn't really spent a lot of time together, so I wasn't completely sure how he felt.

Nathan smiled at me, hugged me, and said, "of course I am."

"Lucky! You did it!" Emmet came running up and wrapped me in a hug. The rest of the family followed him one by one.

"I think you're the only person crazy enough the go against Aro," Alice said, walking over.

"Twice, no less," Edward added.

"So, what now?" Sam asked, joining us.

"We celebrate."

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