6 hours later.

He had woken up wrapped in a blanket and a note from his beautiful mate reminding him to stay hydrated and eat before saying that she had to go back to the young demon. That kid was something lucifer was beginning to grow envious of.

It was taking time away from him and his mate. Now he would say he was jealous but he knew minna was his.. So maybe territorial?

Yet he had to admit the little thing was cute and he had grown a strange bond with it over the weeks that it had been staying with them. Minna still hadn't named the boy because she thought that was something that should be left up to the parents that would look after it until it had aged into a fully matured demon.

Donato had been finding information out from the parents about the kid and the witch that created him and so far they had gotten the witch, who may have already been killed for her act but minna didn't need to know that bit or how her parents were being tortured for answers, lucifer thought they were bits that could be left out.

Now all he had to focus on was this war he wanted to over turn the disaster that had become heaven. It was bound to go corrupt at some point since even rule aiders still had a slither of selfishness and greed buried deep inside of them. They were just better at hiding it than others.

He took off to the Thorne room where he had called everyone for a meeting. It was time.

The grand doors swung open showcasing the demons inside. His trusted warriors standing side by side bowing once they saw their king. "I want everyone ready at the border, first we break through like planned then we march until we get to his castle. Only then will I join to defeat him. Am I clear?" all the demons nodded before turning into dark smoke clouds to carry out his orders.

For centuries lucifer had wanted to take over heaven, he had wanted to be the leader of both but now that he had an angel by his side what was a better idea than having her the Queen of both? Yes he still would be the king of heaven but he wanted minna to be the one to set heaven right. Its what she deserved. Her rightful place.

He wanted minna to be the most powerful woman to exist then drag her good for nothing parents out just so they could see her become almighty before they die. That to him would be the perfect way to end their wasteful existence.

Losing the battle hadn't crossed his mind not even once. He was confident in his warriors and their skills. It also helped that heaven couldn't train their warrior properly because of all the stupid on violence rules they had. Well they were stupid in lucifer opinion.. But maybe minna thought different? Would she argue non violence was better?

Even in war his mind was full of one angel.. Minna.. It was for her, her revenge, her power. Everything lucifer now did was for her.


It wasn't long before his warriors had told him the job was done. Heavens warriors had been taken out. Now was his chance to destroy the one that destroyed him and let others destroy his mate. It was time for lucifer to finally take revenge for himself and his beautiful mate that was oblivious to the world collapsing around her.

Yet she didn't need to bat an eyelid since lucifer wouldn't let even a brush of wind touch her.

His feet crashed against the ground underneath him, the boots he wore making sounds as he walked along the marble floors of the castle. A beautiful place that he hadn't entered in years.. The last place he saw his parents.

The gold doors shattered under his powers but he kept walking further into the throne room until he came to the bottom of the steps that led up to god himself. "what is going on!? How dare you step foot in this castle!" to him gods voice sounded like a kid whining because their parents had moved a toy from the place they put it.

"aww I missed you too" lucifer tilted his head with a lopsided grin that only angered the all powerful being in front of him. Yet he was about to show everyone how much power he actually had.. Even a little power given to the wrong person can turn them into a power hungry beast. The most respected can be the devil on the inside.

Without another word lucifer made his way up the marble stairs and over to the throne that God stood beside. It was now one or the other and they both knew that. It was a fight to the death.. Walking up them stairs had sealed the unspoken challenge between the two leaders. But only one could come on top.

And lucifer was going to make sure he was that one. He wanted to go home after and hold his angel just to tell her that she was free, she was now the one with the power, no longer would she be stomped on instead it would be the opposite.

Power aside both god and lucifer circled each other waiting to see who pounced first. Of course the devil king did driving all his force into a punch that sent heavens King tumbling down the glassy stairs he ruled over. It was amusing for lucifer to see the angel fall hitting himself on every step on the way down while his people gasped all around them. How embarrassing it must be for his people to witness their leader be so incompetent.

Not stopping the devil King followed him down kicking him across the floor once he reached the bottom. "you know its amusing. You speak so highly of yourself yet.. You cant even take a singular punch"

Of course God didn't like that so he began to fight back throwing punch after punch, throwing kicks in any places he could. Some hit lucifer while he was able to dodge the others. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the king in front of him hadn't had any training in his lifetime to fight.

He lost track of the hours they both fought for, blood dripping down his eyebrow, making a stream down his cheek, bruises littered his body yet the King in front of him was in worse condition. Unable to open his left eye, his broken nose bleeding along with a bust lip but they were the only the injuries on his face... His body had a lot more that was starting to impact his energy to even stand.

"my my.. How pathetic." lucifer laughed finding the whole fight a waste of time. But he wouldn't stop, this was revenge. This is what the angel deserved.

More blood stained the white floors of the castle as lucifer wouldn't stop his fist from connecting with the angel underneath. The pleasure each punch gave him was enough to get him high. It wasn't a pleasure he had felt before. Even with the countless torture sessions he had done before it wasn't as good as what he was receiving here.

His tongue darted out of his mouth and licked the blood that had trickled down the side of his cheek and into the corner of his mouth. His smirk growing in side at the metallic tasting liquid. Never had he felt so alive which is ironic since he was king of the underworld.

It took one last punch of the king to crumble. The life draining from his eyes leaving them to roll back as his body hit the floor.

The Victor stood beside him.

"well.. Bow to your new king!" the angels in the room shuck from fear before getting on their knees. Nothing had ever felt so good-except from anything to do with minna. Bit nothing would ever compare to his mate.

Lucifer walked over to them dragging one male angel up by his collar and turning him so they could look at each other "get everything ready, my queen will become yours.. And when she comes I want the whole of heaven on their knees for her.. Do I make myself clear?" the only thing the angel could do was nod before he was put back on the ground by a grinning devil King.

"good now.. Clean this up I have places to be.. And a queen to be with"


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