53. F-Forgive me Shogun!

"I come here only upon knowing what you had gone through Y/n. Who knew he could've went as far as this." The shogun said as she placed the cup of tea onto the table.

"Oh Ei, Had I not warned you earlier? He would've obviously done such a thing and I knew it from the first day." Guuji Yae told as she faced the Shogun.

A sigh was heard from her.

"Almighty Shogun....My apologies if I come off rude to ask this, but are you perhaps a former acquaint of the Balladeer?" Ayaka asked.

"No need to call me Almighty Shogun here. Please address me by 'Ei'. I might have a little secret to share." The shogun said. I liked how calm she was right now.

We nodded our head in approval. Ei was about to speak until Thoma entered the room with a tray of sweet snacks and desserts on it.

"I brought some sna-..." Thoma stopped as Guuji Yae and Ei were staring at him all of a sudden.

"Hm? What did you bring?" Ei asked.

"I-I...Forgive me fo-" Thoma stuttered. Poor guy was probably too shocked or scared to face the two most scariest women of Inazuma.

I mean it was a bit reasonable for him to be afraid of the Almighty Shogun after all she gave him quite an experience by making him the hundredth victim to Vision Hunt Decree.

"Is that dango, Thoma?" Ayaka asked.

"Yes m'lady, I made them before we set out from the Kamisato Estate." Thoma said averting his eyes towards Ayaka as he was scared to face Ei.

"Dango you say...I'd like to try some." Ei said

"Alright Shogun.."

Thoma served Ei a plate of dango and the others with different types of snacks.

"Oh my Thoma, your snacks are as luscious as ever." Yae Miko remarked.

I nodded in agreement along with Guuji Yae.

"Been a while since I've eaten these too!" I remarked.

Ayaka couldn't help but chuckle at Thoma who was having his heart beat as fast as the lightning that casts upon Inazuma. Ei on the other hand was deeply lost in thoughts after eating the dango.

Suddenly we all stared at her who remained quiet and chewed the dango slowly, while lost in her own thoughts.

"Ei, are you alright?" Yae Miko questioned.

No reply.

Thoma was trembling in fear.

Suddenly she placed the dango skewers onto her plate.


"That was quick." I told it a bit too loud for everybody to hear.

Guuji Yae gave me a sly smile and said "Very quick indeed."

Ayaka's eyes widened at Thoma's sudden action.

"Huh, please Thoma raise your head. You have done nothing wrong." Ei said politely and giggled.

"Am I that scary to you?" She asked Thoma.


"It's fine Thoma. I'm aware you are afraid of me due to the incident in the past. I must apologize for it. sighs...Please forgive me for what I had done, Thoma. It all happened merely out of my blindness towards what truly eternity meant." Ei apologized and the room went silent.

Ayaka and I were in shock of what happened right now. God of Eternity herself apologizing to Thoma. Yae Miko rather had a smirk form on her face.

"I-..Almighty Shogun, I am undeserving of your apology. You were doing your job as the God of Eternity. I saw no mistake in you when the Tenryou Commission captured me for the hundredth  vision ceremony."

"I still insist that you forgive me." Ei said with a smile.

Thoma was too stunned to speak.

Yae Miko left a small laugh and soon we all were laughing. Even the Almighty shogun began laughing along.

After the heart felt giggles we had, Ei had finally brought up the serious talk.

"This is only going to remain a secret between us. Miko is aware of it already but I still might want to warn you all about Kunikuzushi." Ei said in a serious tone.

"Kunikuzushi..?" I asked in a confused tone.

"He is none other than the Balladeer you all faced. His name is Scaramouche now." Yae Miko told.

"Years back when I began my pursuit for eternity, I feared one thing; I would have to die eventually a day. 'If I were to die, who would've reached Eternity in Inazuma' was the only thought that ran through my mind." Ei began.

"Hence I wished to make a puppet of mine who will take care of Inazuma while I'm away in a realm of subconscious, meditating for Eternity."

"Kunikuzushi, was my first prototype. He was innocent and pure, but he lacked what an archon required. This led to the creation of Raiden Shogun. She was perfect and knew what to follow. Meanwhile Kunikuzushi got accustomed to holding the power of a Gnosis or a heart he so calls."

"He got to feel for the first time. Realizing that he would serve zero purpose to me, I sent him away taking back the Gnosis and handing it over to Miko's custody at the Grand Narukami Shrine." Ei sighed.

"And that is where things began going down the hill. Ei was gone to her realm of consciousness while Raiden Shogun enacted the rule over Inazuma. Kunikuzushi on the other hand roamed the lands until Fatui found him and made a good use of him." Yae Miko said.

"Beware of him Y/n. He didn't manage to kill you this time, but whatever he's plotting to do with the Fatui gives me a bad feeling." Ei warned me.

"Actually, there's a thing I might have to say." Ayaka interrupted.

"Brother told me that Scaramouche was deeply involved in the tampering of Raiden Gokaden...was it the revenge he held against you Ei?"

"Indeed. It was a revenge." Ei replied with a slight tone of annoyance.

"I see....from what I've also known, He left in a boat towards Sumeru. Shuumatsuban were closely monitoring him on brother's orders and that's all they found out."

Sumeru. Guess one trouble has left. I thought.

"Oh my, things are really gonna get heated in Sumeru I suppose..." Yae Miko said.

Back at the Kamisato Estate:

Ayato was seen to sit in an empty hall on his knees, with his eyes closed.

His mind was too clouded. He couldn't focus on his work one bit.

"Maybe, I should go talk things out with her." He thought.

The 'her' he thought of was you. He wanted to apologize to you for his ill behavior.

He did not get over his anger by the fact Izuna had opened his diary and questioned him. He never liked her anyway. But one question lingered in his mind.

"What was she doing in my office? Why did she pull all the files out?"


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