"Who the hell is this?"

Tee was staring at a boy she did not recognise - his hair was long and dark, shaggy, his eyes were also dark, practically black, as he stared back at her, just as confused by the whole situations.

"Remember how we explained to you we had a girl with superpowers who died?" Robin asked, putting her hand on Tee's arm, only for her to shrug it off, "surprise!"

Eddie looked from Robin to Tee, the supposed dead girl, who did not in any way shape or form look dead - if anything, she was a little pale, and looked a little worn out.

"Uh..." Eddie didn't know what to say - it didn't really make sense.

"I know it's a lot," Nancy said to him, "but we need her some place safe just for the night, and then tomorrow morning when we get your groceries, we'll pick her up."

"So I'm now a babysitter?" Eddie asked.

"Better you than us," Steve said to him, putting his hands onto Tee's shoulders and pushing her towards him softly, "Thanks Eddie, bye!"

"Wait-" Eddie tried to stop them, but they all hurried out before he even got the chance, leaving him once again, but this time with a new person.

Eddie turned towards the girl slowly, to see her staring back at him, trying to figure out if she was supposed to know who he was, if he was friendly or an enemy.

"Hi," Eddie said slowly, taking a step towards her - she stayed still, "I'm Eddie."

She didn't respond, still staring at him. It was unnerving to say the least - a glint in her eye.

"I'm friends with some of your friends," he explains to her, "like, uh, Dustin and Mike, you know them right?"

She knew Dustin from previous conversations - it was clear to see he had good intentions, it was clear he just wanted to help people.

Mike was a confusing one - tied in with good and bad memories.

"I know of them," she responds finally.

"We play D&D together," he continues.

She simply tilts her head to the side.

"You know... dungeons and dragons? The game everyone's saying satanic cults come from?" He explains to her, "storm kings thunder... the lost city... the cult of vecna all of those campaigns?"

"Vecna?" She asks back.

The people from before had all referred to number one as Vecna.

"Yeah, Vecna, you know it?" He asks, and she stares at him for a moment, before deciding to play dumb and shake her head.

"You wanna know about it?" He asks, a small smile on his face, hoping the girl would take interest.

She nods her head slowly, before coughing - covering her mouth as he quickly grabbed the last bottle of water he had, handing it to her.

"You okay?" He asked her as she stopped her coughing fit, moving her hand away from her mouth only to see little drops of blood.

She nods, quickly shaking it off and opening the water bottle, sniffing it just in case it had something dangerous inside, before taking a gulp.

"So... V-vecna?" She asks, walking over to sit by him in the boat, her legs feeling weak.

"Yeah... so Vecna is like this crazy dude," Eddie starts explaining, jumping right in and excited to get this information off of his chest.

Completely unaware of who the information was really going to.

"He's known as the evil god of secrets, right? And the evil god of the dead, and necromancy." He continues to explain.

"N-necromancy?" Tee asks.

"Bringing someone back to life," Eddie explains to her, "like a superpower."

Tee nods her head - so he really is the one to thank.

"He's one of the greatest villains in the game, because he's so powerful," Eddie continues, "he's undead, so, like, not dead, not alive. He was once human, but got obsessed with power... he shed his humanity, becoming a wizard, and then ascended to a god..."

"G-god of secrets," Tee realised, "s-so, he has a big secret?"

"Not exactly, he believes ever being holds a secret that could be manipulated to bring their downfall," Eddie told her.


"Death," Eddie says, looking down at the ground as he thought of Chrissy, the girl who had died in his living room.

"Oh," Tee whispered, looking at his saddened face, "w-why?"

"Why what?" Eddie asks.

"W-why does he want people to die?" Tee asked -
Knowing she already knew the reason, she just needed to know if he did too.

"Power," Eddie shrugs, "fun."

"Okay," Tee nods her head.

The two were silent for a moment, Tee coughing once again before drinking some more water.

"So... uh... Steve mentioned the whole being dead thing," Eddie said to her, making her look down to the ground for a moment, "but you're alive! Which is... cool."

"I am," Tee nods before coughing again.

"When they explained it to me, they said you died last year," Eddie continued, not realising how uncomfortable this conversation was making the younger girl, "have you been alive all this time?"

Tee shakes her head, deciding not to speak.

"When... when did you come back to life?"

"Um..." Tee looks up, "a week or s-so ago."

"What happens?" Eddie then finds himself asking, "when you die?"

He didn't really want to know - the idea of death terrified him, but a art of him needed the information. He needed to know Christ's was at peace, in heaven or whatever the hell was real.

Tee looks at him then, her head tilting as she ponders on what to tell him, does she tell the truth? Make it up? She doesn't know him, what should she care?

The look on his face is like a wounded puppy - it reminds her of her younger self that she had seen at the junkyard.

"I-it's dark," she says to him, "a-and quiet. L-lonely. Day a-and night d-don't exist. Time never ends - time doesn't exist."

"That sounds..." Eddie can't find the words.

"L-like hell? Yeah." Tee nods her head, "T-the worst thing? Y-you don't remember anything."

"Nothing at all?" Eddie asks, watching the girl as her shoulders slump, her eyes focusing on her hands as she draws circles on her palm, comforting herself.

"N-nope," she whispers, "I-it's worse than actually dying."

"Is dying bad?" Eddie asks.

"I-I don't know," Tee mumbles, "n-not as much as y-you'd think. Your body understands w-what's going to happen, and y-you can feel everything shut down. I-it's calm... a-and awful. Y-you know it-it's coming... y-you know t-there's nothing you can do..."

"Max told me about when you..." Eddie said to her, "Said you made sure she stayed with her brother. Steve said he cried."

Tee shook her head, "I never said that," her tone was suddenly dark, "s-she left me to die a-alone. T-they let me die on my own."

Eddie stayed silent for a moment.

"M-max isn't who s-she says she is " Tee continued, "do not b-buy into her lies. She i-is only here to hurt people."

"I... I don't think that's true," Eddie said to her.

"It is," Tee argued.

"How do you know?" Eddie asked, "what happened to all of your memories disappearing?"

"T-they did," Tee said, "b-but I had someone who l-let me see... s-someone who showed me the truth."

"Who?" Eddie asked.

Tee just sent him a small smirk, "you know who."

His face dropped.

Necromancy... secrets... manipulation...