Authors note

please read the last authors note on this book!

𝙰𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚎:

Hi everyone!, sadly this book has come to an end. I wanna thank you all so much for your sweet comments and nice messages. i was not confident publishing a book but I appreciate all the love I have received from all of you.

words really can't describe how thankful and happy I am. especially for all the sweet and caring readers!.

I will be continuing to write more books. I have some idea's about the next book i wanna write so comment on the one you all would read?

1. Alpha & Omega (Werewolf book)

I have a completed book on my page that is called "My Alpha".

2. Police officer (Chief Jungkook, Trainee Taehyung)

I have a completed book of this plot called "Chief Jeon)

3. High School (Popular Kook, Nerd Taehyung)

I have a completed book of a similar plot to this one called "Taste of Love"

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Also feel free to message me if you have any book idea's!

LAST NOTE (important message): 

26/4/22- I have gone over this book to edit and clear mistakes I have written. I have also had to delete a decent amount of horrible, insensitive comments by readers. these comments were not necessarily targeted towards me but towards mainly taehyung's life story in this book. I just want to say here that for those readers who found taehyung's story about him being poor, struggling with self confidence, being insecure, showing his emotions- funny there is something really wrong with you. all the "he is weak", "he always cries", "this is pathetic" whenever something happens to taehyung that he finds upsetting, it does NOT mean he is weak, if anything it shows how strong minded he is and how he never gave up. you will see this in the sequel also. 

just because someone cries heaps does not mean they are weak. please double think before you comment stuff. I have had readers message me upset about the comments because I described bits of their life and was upset to see so many people find the situation funny.

to those who related anyway to taehyung's story in this book. I apologise for the insensitive comments made by some readers. Just know you are brave, beautiful, and loved.

If you find yourself ever struggling please dont hesitate to message me if you ever need a opinion or just want someone to listen to you x. 

thank you again to the beautiful readers who have always left nice feedback and have been so sweet with both jungkook and taehyung's stories in this book. 

T H A N K Y O U !