"We could lose it if we don't go today"


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It's been two weeks since the argument with Eddie and things have been going ok, no apartment but your both still hunting around checking papers and the usual things.
You've managed to get a few more hours of sleep thanks to Ed helping you when you need it,  but the nightmares and some sleepless nights are still hitting now and then,it wasn't all magically cured because you were next to him again.
You feel guilty about it when he wakes up because your having another dream and he's losing sleep because of it all,

he doesn't show he's bothered or cares that you wake him up but you can see small things like him falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings which he hasn't done for a while, only recently when you've been waking up at early hours of the morning and disturbing him, which you feel awful about knowing he's tired and you can't help but blame yourself.

Things felt familiar...the car you were sitting in,driving fast down a straight road, the smells of alcohol cigarettes and strong cologne, the "Leaving Hawkins" sign you just passed, again? You've been in this situation before,
and it wasn't a good one, the car wasn't slowing down as you notice the tracks across the road, the engine gets slammed against and you jolt back into the seat, heart racing, Pounding against your chest as you see a train get closer and closer, hearing the tracks shake.

You needed to get out but the doors were locked, why are they locked? Shaking at the handle hoping that it would just open, whoever was driving was intending on getting hit, killing the both of you.
"Let me out...stop the car...stop it...! Let me out!  Let me out! stop!"
You shout but they didn't listen, Driving up onto the tracks as the train was a few feet away, about to hit the now parked car with you inside...

"...yn open your eyes, hey..."
You heard, feeling someone shaking you, enough force you jolted awake with a sharp gasp.
"Hey..hey sweetheart it's alright, it's ok.."

Eddie says calmly moving closer to you in bed as you grip your shirt against your chest trying to calm down, he holds your hands
"Breathe with me.."
He tells you and you only manage a nod, he takes a deep breathe in and you copy holding it for three seconds till you both release, he sits infront of you doing this till you get back in control enough to talk.

"What happened?"
He asks softly putting a strand of hair behind your ear.
"I didn't. See who it was. I just know I was in someone's car it didn't feel right...What time is it...?"
You knew exactly who's car it was, Ed looks over at the alarm clock then turns back to you
"2:15...lay back down with me, try sleep some more"
you shake your head "no"  knowing your wide awake now,again.
"No. I'm awake now. I'll just be in the livingroom you have work soon I don't want to keep you awake."

Still tired as fuck and fed up at this point you dont want to make him stay up with you,
you start getting ready to head out of his bedroom still shaky and on the verge of hyperventilating,But Ed holds your wrist stopping you
"yn stop, hey..."

Making you sit down again with your back facing him, he puts his hand on your lower back rubbing it with his thumb.
"You're staying put okay?...do you want to try taking anything or do you want to try and smoke first?" 
He asks still leaning on his side behind you, you shrug
"Maybe smoke. I'm not sleeping anymore.
You don't need to stay up with me again. You have work in a few hours"
You sigh rubbing your eyes
"And let you smoke without me? Not a chance."
He replies, not because it's weed and he wants it, but because he doesn't want you doing it alone, he wants to make sure your safe.
He places a small kiss between your shoulder blades before sitting up to go get a joint.
"So your awake now to? Great. Losing more sleep because of me when you've got to be up in...
*you look at the time* Less than 5 hours"
Pissed with yourself you feel very guilty and bad about it, Ed walks back over with the joint and kneels in front of you with it 

"You know, If I had a problem with any of this you'd know, I'm okay, you know I've functioned on less than this before"
He says holding the joint between his fingers.
"I know. But that's not the point. How many times have I woke you up? Made you lose sleep because I'm just..to stupid and scared to go back to sleep whenever I wake up from a bad dream"
Dropping your head down sighing again.
"It's not stupid, stop that. You're only going to make yourself feel worse over something you don't need to feel bad about."
He tells you shaking his head
"You've passed out on the sofa in the evening a few times, Ed. I know why"

"Yeah? I did that before any of this, your point.."
He asks lighting the joint,taking a puff and hands it to you.
"Not for a while though. All started again because I'm messing your sleep up."
You add taking it from him having a smoke.
"Not true,*shakes his head* but if it makes you feel better I wouldn't sleep at all if I left you to try this on your own."
He says tilting his head to get a better look at your face, giving you a small but reassuring smile,
Putting his hand on your knee and keeping it there.

You slip the joint between his lips for him
"I guess so. But I'm still feeling guilty about it."
"Don't. I'm serious."
He tells you giving your knee a small squeeze.
"How bad was this one,do you want to talk about it?"
he asks looking down at his hand as you play with his rings. You knew maybe telling him some parts of what happened might help, just keeping the name to yourself of course, but you had to be careful you don't slip up accidentally.
"I dont know who's car it was but I was locked in and- it was driving really fast, I noticed the leaving Hawkins sign and wanted to get out. But they wouldn't stop...you know the part with the train tracks?"
You asks looking up at him quickly before focusing back on his hand
"Yeah...Yeah I know the place..."
Answering you rubbing your knee with his thumb
"You're okay, you're safe alright? I promise"
Whispering as he notices you finding it hard to talk about.

"A train was coming...who-whoever was driving was intending on killing the both of us. But all I'm thinking about now is. My dad"
You explain with a shaky voice, Ed adjusts and kneels down onto his knees infront of you still.
"That...actually makes the dream make a little more sense, associating it with him and...what happened. I know it was scary,but you're safe, I swear"

He replies caringly knowing it's a tough subject even for the both of you.
"I dont want to be dreaming about him. Especially that."
You finish the joint and he climbs back into bed behind you before saying anything else,grabbing your waist from behind and gently pulling you to lay back down with your back against his chest,

placing his hand on yours to see how much your heart is still racing from the dream
"I know, I know sweetheart, I'm sorry..."
Pulling you into him holding you close, feeling his warm chest against your back and his breath tickling your neck slightly was calming...but you were wide awake.
"I don't want to go Back to sleep... I can't..."
You say laying down with him letting him hold you.
"I know, but if you don't lay down, you'll pace. And that won't help" he replies laying his face in the back of your neck, his arm wrapped around your chest not tight but enough weight to help calm you.

He fell back sleep holding you till he had to get up, you wouldn't sleep or move from this position just laying there letting him sleep holding you while your head runs thoughts. It makes you feel a little better but it didn't fix it of course, holding his hand that's on your chest for the rest of the night.


Eddie was back and forth from his bedroom and the bathroom while you lay upside down off his bed, plucking at the strings on his acoustic guitar,
"....Can you get dressed in ten minutes."
He asks like it's one of his random question as he puts his belt through the loops, you look at him still upside down
"Your coming work with me"
He smiles down at you and walks over to his desk grabbing deodorant.
"I'm what?"
You ask

Sitting up squeezing your eyes shut for a second as all the blood rushes back making your head fuzzy
"You're coming to work with me, cmon we gotta go in ten minutes"
He explains putting on his shirt, you knew he was doing it because he doesn't want you alone after the nightmare as it was your day off from work.
"Eddie...you don't have to. I-"
Cutting you off
"I know I don't, and I wouldn't ask if I didn't want you there. The company will be nice."

He smiles turning to the small mirror shaking out his hair making it all fluffy, staring at him you giggle to yourself
".....And get to see you in overalls all day? I'M IN"
Getting up off the bed running to the bathroom
"Jesus Christ...perv!"
He shouts back,teasing of course.

----Eds work----

"Are you sure he's not going to mind I'm here?"
You ask jumping out of Eds van, he closes your door and lays his arm over your shoulder walking up to the garage with you.
"Nope, not at all, stop worrying he's chill"
He says smiling at you tugging your hair gently, you smile back pulling your sleeves down which you still do when nervous.

He takes his arm off from around you and takes you by the hand, leading you to a room which was more like a box with a big window at the front looking out at the main part of the shop, you've not met Kent properly before, only that one time watching Eddie hand in his job application.
"Morning boss"
He says picking up a clipboard and writing down his name, Kent turns round from the notes pinned up on the wall and smiles when he sees you
"This is yn...yn, kent"
Eddie says leaning his arm against the wall smiling at you, you give Kent a small nervous wave

"Hii...nice to meet you"
You say, Kent opens his arms walking over to you pulling you into a hug, you look over at Eddie a little confused but smile seeing him rub his mouth trying not to laugh. You've only heard good things about Kent,he was around early 50s, beard,shaved head,  dad bod typa build, he had tattoos and an eyebrow ring, personality wise?  Friendly...
like he had the looks of a grizzly bear but on the inside he was a marshmallow.

"Nice to finally meet you! I was wondering when Ed would bring you around"
He says smiling over at Eddie with raised brows, oh boy what has he said...
Eddie didn't even have to ask if it was alright you stuck around for the day, Kent wasn't bothered at all
"Overalls are in the back,I'm sure he'll show you"
Kent adds with a smile before going back to sorting papers, you turn to Ed who was grinning leaning off the wall as he slowly walks out the office, you follow behind
You ask knowing exactly where this is going,you wasn't even working...
You get over to some lockers and Ed changed into his work clothes,and yes you stared the whole time he stepped into them and clipped the buttons together, he pulls out some spare dark blue ones,slightly dirty, and giant

You stare at them and then him still grinning at you, you sigh and take them,watching you step into them as he leans against the lockers
"Eddieeee...There's nothing smaller?"
You ask flapping the real floppy sleeves around.
"Nope, that's it, here..."
he laughs slightly under his breath and leans off the lockers helping you roll the sleeves up so it's not as bad,  but it's still huge.
"Oh fun now I have arm bands on all set for the pool now"
You say patting the pillows you now have on both arms, Ed bites in his bottom lip making you glare at him knowing he was wanting to laugh.

"This thing could blow up like a beach ball, you'll just float"
He adds doing up the last few buttons
"...Are you calling me a beach ball? Saying I'm fat?"
You reply crossing your arms,  you were joking with him but it still made him panic

"What?! No! That's not what I meant you know that."
Quick to reply, he looks you up and down and smiles, he was enjoying this, the arm holes could probably fit both your legs inside.
You hum squinting at him one last time walking off kicking your legs because the overalls drag across the floor, Eddie couldn't hold it anymore, busting out laughing
You shout back trying not to laugh at yourself.

----Time skip----

A while has passed and you were sitting on a spinny chair in the office doorway, watching Eddie do his thing on some repair job and kent was outside with a client.
You couldn't help but admire Ed and how natural this job fitted him, you've seen him work on his van and other things as teenagers, even fixing your bikes as kids,he was good at what he does and...LOOKED real good doing it, the top half of his overalls where now off and tied around his waist, just wearing them as pants now which made his white tank top turn grey from the times he'd wipe his hands on it which made you smile.

He looked over at you a few times giving you a wink which made your insides go crazy,
spinning around in the chair turned away from him so he couldn't see you smile and blush like a tomato.
Then deciding to scoot out on the chair over to bug him
"Whatcha dooooin'?"
You ask standing up and spinning the chair around before sitting back down straddling it
"Still fixing cars sweetheart, what're YOU doing?"
He replies tightening up something near the engine,
you honestly had no idea but you knew what an engine looked like.
You say resting your chin on your hand on the back of the chair,
he leans up and smiles at you

then wipes his fingers across your cheek instead of his rag which made you gasp,
pretending to be offended by it
"I lost my rag"
He says with not a care
"It is literally right in your pocket"
You say pointing at it hanging out of his overalls
"You were closer"
He shrugs throwing down the tool he was using and picking up another.
"How- how am I closer...?!"
Snatching the rag from his pocket and wheeling yourself  on the chair over to the car mirrors going to clean your face but it just makes it worse as the rags dirty...

"Great I look just like you now"
Throwing the rag back to him, he smirks before adding
"Ouch, very rude yn"
You shake your head
"It’s trueee we both look filthy"
picking up a wrench to fiddle with,poking it at his leg as he goes back to work for a few minutes before holding his hand out gesturing for the tool
"No, mine"
Gripping it with both hands he looks over his shoulder at you with raised brows
"Then get over here, I need it"
He says pointing infront of him for you to stand, you do and he gets behind you resting one of his hands on the car and the other takes yours holding the wrench

His chest pushed up against your back sent your stomach flipping with butterflies
"Need this tight..."
He says against your ear,you knew he was smirking again and you couldn't help but smile a little biting the inside of your cheek, you nod and he guides you as you both tighten up a bolt.
"Am I getting half of the pay for helping you do your job"
You ask leaning up from the engine, your back meeting with his chest again and this time both of his hands were resting on the car either side of you
"For one bolt?"
He asks letting out a huff against your hair
"Yeah....I did a good job, no?"
Turning around to face him,

still standing close to you against the car his hands move to your sides feeling his thumbs brush against them.
"Very good job"
He smiles,

his hands now gently holding your sides against the car rubbing your hips, you felt yourself about to blush even more a little shy.
"So...! What's next?"
You ask patting his hands and walking over to the tools cabinet letting out a quiet nervous exhale with your back towards him.

----Break time----

You both were chilling out in the office on his break, Eddie was laying back in the chair this time with his feet up on the desk, holding a mug of coffee on his chest with both hands wrapped around it while balancing a pencil on his top lip, you were sitting up on the desk reading today's paper with your back against the wall,also holding a mug which for an auto shop...had pretty decent coffee.

Glancing over at Eddie from the paper smiling at him as he makes the pencil fall from his top lip between his lips, then wiggling it back up above his lip, he was easily amused and you found it cute.
Pulling your eyes off him you go back to the paper,turning over a page which had listings, all kinds of things from job offers to houses for sale, you sigh and decide to just quickly scan over the page not feeling very lucky about a studio apartment popping up, till your eyes scan down the page over the words "ground floor apartment"
Taking a second read,

"One bedroom,bathroom, open kitchen/livingroom area,partly furnished, ground floor apartment"

Your heart starts beating but from excitement, slowly reading the info and nervously looking for the street name, it was a 12 minute drive away from both your jobs...
"Oh my god..."
You whisper quietly Eddie didn't hear at first, staring at the paper bringing it closer to your face thinking you must've miss read something.
"Oh my god....OH MY GOD"
Now loud enough for him to hear, causing him to flinch dropping the pencil and spilling some coffee on his chest

He replies not rudely, sitting up and placing his mug down pinching the damp part of his shirt away from his chest.
You say practically shoving the paper in his face to look at what you found
"yn....I can't see
*takes the paper out of his face and shakes it out*
"Ok where....?"
He asks squinting slightly,you point at it jabbing your finger all excited, He tries not to laugh batting your hand away
"I can't seee when you're shaking it!"
He teases, reading what you pointed at
"That's not far from here Eds!  It could work for our jobs and stuff"

You explain glancing at the listing then at his face quickly as he reads it all, raising his brows as a smile slowly creeps across his lips
"Holy shit... Holy shit! Is this todays one??"
He asks looking up at you now also excited
*You double check and look under the paper as he's holding it*
IT'S TODAY'S ONE! do we do it...? Do you want to..."
You ask a little nervous about the last question concidering you've not really talked much about getting a place together since you made up.

He frowns at you
"ARE YOU KIDDing?? This is the first one that hits all the marks, of course we're calling, can you grab the phone?"
He says smiling big pointing over to the phone hooked on the wall,you reach over for it
"okay the number is-"
He says but you were quick to stop him turning your head back around to him
"Whoa whoa nuh uh, you're doing it I have phone anxiety..."
Taking your hand off the phone and crossing your arms shaking your head, positive you was NOT going to be the one calling.

"....You,you have phone anxiety?..."
He asks looking at you trying not to smile, you nod
"..Yes. I'm not doing it no way,
Shaking your head at the phone on the wall then back at him.
"I dont even know what to say, so I can't do it anyways..."
You add trying your hardest to get out of it, Eddie sighs folding the paper in half still on the page the apartment was listed on
"... Fine fine"
and gets up off the chair,
trying not to grin at you as he leans towards you reaching his arm out, unhooking the phone off the wall beside your head,faces inches apart he smirks

"Don't worry, Daddy's got it."
Taking off the phone as he leans away from you leaning against the desk you were still sitting up on
"Good you call th-
JUST realising what he said to you
"What was that...?"
You ask scooting up closer to him on the desk.
"Shhh I'm on the phone"
He smiles at you holding it to his ear, you gently punch his arm and he mouths "OW" Super exaggerated of course, till someone picks up his call
"Hi! I'm calling about the ad for the apartment? The one in the paper?"
He asks adjusting his position and crossing a foot over the other still leaning against the desk.

"Is it still available...? Do they still have it?"
You whisper over to him still excited and wanting to know what was being said but you couldn't hear a thing.
He covers his hand over the phone
"That's what I'm finding out now"
Smiles shaking his head at you then listening to them talk again
"What are they sayi-"
You whisper again, he pushes a finger against your lips to shush you and you frown staying like that for a moment

"Wow really?? Yeah? Okay, well thank you so much"
Eddie adds before hanging up the phone and putting it back on the wall, you waist no time
"What did they say??!!"
You ask smiling big till he scratches the back of his neck with a straight expression across his mouth,

your smile fades and you lean back against the wall
"We're too late. Hu? Never mind. Sure something else will show..."
You say picking up the paper again and reading it,
Disappointed and trying not to show it, the apartment was perfect and it had been weeks waiting for one to show up.
Eddie squats down in front of you and pulls the paper down so he can look at you,noticing him grinning a little bit as you glance up slightly
"Why are you looking at me like that Ed?..."
You ask confused smiling back a little bit.
"We're the first to call and ask about it,sweetheart"
He tells you resting his hands on your knees, your eyes get big

"..Meaning what? Meaning we can go see it...?! Did they say when? wait you didn't say any dates...Edward I'm confused what's going on help me"
You giggle slightly holding your hands against your face staring down at him,he smiles and nods
"We can go look at it whenever we decide too, we might get this one, we are literally first in li-"
He tries explaining but the excitement takes over again
He stands up infront of you between your legs and rests his hands on your sides, giving you a soft look
"We don't know for sure! But chances are really good. Let's see this one and keep our eye out yeah? I've got a good feeling about it"
He adds, not wanting you to get your hopes up about it if things don't work out.

"Me tooooo! I have a good feeling about it, like...really good"
You reply smiling
"when's your next day off sweetheart?"
"Ummm Sunday will be my next...but that's two days away what if someone else is interested and grabs it then we have to wait all over again"
Dropping your head down looking at his watch poking at it with your finger

".....I really want a place with you Eddie. And this is the first one we've seen in weeks, I don't want someone else to go see it before us.
We could lose it if we don't go today
I know that's selfish but-"
He places a finger under your chin lifting up your face.
"I really want a place with you too, and you're right, the sooner we go the better chance we have to get it.."
he says, pausing to think of what to do and when to go.
"Are you up to going today, if I can get off early? "
"Yeah! Yes yes let's go today!"
Jumping off the desk shaking his hand, he smiles again

"Hmm I don't know, I don't think your excited enough to go see today"
Smile turning into a smirk as he tries teasing you.
"I ammm pleeease, tell Kent we gotta gooo"
You add jumping up and down tugging his arm, he laughs
"Alright alright calm it misses, we'll go see today"
You squeal with excitement throwing yourself at him,wrapping your arms around his shoulder as you almost knock him over, wrapping his arms around your back and jumping up and down with you.

This really could be it...the first apartment you've seen listed in weeks, the first one already ticking all the right things off.


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