Levi Ackerman x Hanahaki disease male reader

Anime: Attack on titan

Plot: (Y/n), captain of the special force, has been coughing non-stop recently after losing a person he loves. It's starting to worry his team, even another captain from another team is starting to get worried.

The Special Force is similar to Levi's Special Operation Squad

⚠️ Warning: I haven't watched/read the whole thing, so sorry if it's OOC, or weird. This contains gay content, and some contain lime/lemon/smut and colorful language.


"*Cough Cough*" (Y/n) covered his mouth as he did so, hoping to hide the fact that he had coughed for the fifth time in the 30 min that he was there in the meeting. They were collecting records and disrupting food between the branches and the special force, his team.

Captain (Y/n), you shouldn't push yourself to your limits if you're feeling unwell, this meeting isn't as important as your health," General Erwin said pointing at all the unwanted attention towards (Y/n). (Y/n) knew that deep down, they weren't going to get as much food as everyone else if he were to leave. Erwin saw his distress and decided to help.

"We will share our food storage with the Special Force." Erwin said, shocking everyone in the area. Now that their group's people doubled in quantity they're going to get a lot more food than the rest of the military group.

The Special Forces are highly trained soldiers who lend hands in helping the other groups, they go out and scavenge for land, or even food at crucial times. Each soldier has at least a kill count of at least 30 titans, they can hold their ground and can be very well off as leaders for a newbie or even advanced group.

(Y/n) bowed before he left the room to inform his team about what was going to happen. If they were to share food storage with the Survey Corps they will have to move out with them to get the food. This is going to be an interesting few months.

(Y/n) covered his mouth after he closed the door to the conference room. He pulled out a cloth from his pocket and used it to cover his mouth. Even more, coughing occurred as he tried to walk to the exit, pulling the cloth away once the coughing fit was over he saw something shocking. There was a patch of blood absorbed into the cloth, there also seems to be a bloody leaf of some sort but (Y/n) wasn't sure.

Tossing away the cloth after wiping his mouth clean of blood. (Y/n) walked back to his office ordering an emergency meeting for all his troupe members.

"Tomorrow, we all will visit the Scout Regiment, we will be living there for some time until I'm fully recovered. Do your last training and be ready for tomorrow's move." (Y/n) said sternly, almost glaring at his soldiers but a yes sir was heard all at the same intensity. (Y/n)'s cape fluttered behind him as he walked away back to his office to clean up last-minute documents.

Erwin was back at his office talking to Levi as they figured things out. The surprised expression on Levi's face was priceless, he can't tolerate any more brats in his HQ. But the order is order and he needs to follow the order.

The next day, (Y/n)'s troupe rode horses to the Scout Regiment castle. The group of familiar people caused some citizen attraction as they normally help out the citizens who live inside the walls, do daily chores, water crops, etc. During the trip, (Y/n)'s sickness seemed to get worse, he felt as if his chest was getting slashed open...it seems like he doesn't know how true that thought was.

Some of the citizens noticed (Y/n)'s coughing fit and gave him some concerning looks, some even tried to offer help but all got turned down by the man. Getting closer to their destination, some of his subordinates started to ask some questions. They were curious about why their captain was so sick, he didn't seem to be near to anything that can make someone sick.

"I'll be fine, it's just a slight cough." (Y/n) said, reassuring his team about his condition, it seems like they backed off for now.

The Special Force entered the gates of the castle to the Scout Regiment headquarters. The soldiers who were outside training stopped in their tracts to look at the group of around 20 people entering their compound. Levi told the trainees to go back to training while he greets their guests for the next few months.

(Y/n) got off the horse, patting her on the head telling her to stay put. (Y/n) greeted Levi with a bow and a handshake. Levi, of course, has a glove on. And like the germaphobe he is, he slightly glared at (Y/n)'s hand, thinking it's dirty. (Y/n) didn't mind his little glare, and looked at Erwin giving him a handshake as well.

"Welcome (Y/n), we're glad to have you here." Erwin said as they walked into the building, leaving the minimal soldiers flabbergasted behind. Everyone could see how pale (Y/n) was when he walked, his movements were slightly slurred and the pain was involved with every breath he took.

After getting his team into their rooms in the castle, (Y/n) managed to walk into his room before collapsing onto the floor having another coughing fit. He could feel and see the blood dripping from his lips and onto the floor, this time even more chunks of stuff came out but (Y/n) was too tired to clean up. He collapsed beside the mess he made, his vision blurry, fainting from exhaustion.

*A few hours later*

(Y/n)'s eyes snapped open as he looked at the wooden ceiling in his room. A skull-splitting headache stopped him from moving any faster. Cold sweat covered his back as he slowly got off the bed, feeling like his insides were ripping apart with each move. Suddenly the door opened, and the simple sound caused him to jolt only to bring more pain.

"First day here and you're already causing trouble." Levi acted as if he was speaking to one of his recruits, "You should know your limits, Captain (Y/n), this isn't a simple illness we can deal with." Setting a piece of bread and a cup of water at the bedside table. Levi stood there waiting for (Y/n) to respond with an excuse.

"Truth be told I don't know why it started, I haven't gotten sick for a long time but the most I expect is a mild fever. Not... this." After finishing the sentence (Y/n) coughed again, and his body was shivering non-stop. When he pulled his hands away a pedal of a flower and stamens was sitting there, half soaked in blood. It seems like he's coughing up flowers, the thought seemed ridiculous but there was no other way to explain this.

(Y/n)'s other hand slowly went to the flesh in front of his heart, gently rubbing that place hoping to soothe the pain from that area. Levi saw the continents and was disgusted yet concerned. He put on gloves and used a piece of paper towel to pick out the flower parts ready to give it to Hange for further research.

"I'll be right back." Levi said, walked out of (Y/n)'s room, giving him some space.

When the room door was closed (Y/n) felt another tug at his heart. It felt as if something was squeezing at his heart, piercing through it. It wasn't only that organ. Other than the brain, it felt as if the thing was everywhere inside his torso, but his limbs aren't affected as much.

Levi walked to Hange's research station and give her the continents inside the towel. "Captain (Y/n) hasn't been well, we all know that, but he just coughed this up, I saw it with my own eyes." Hange looked inside the towel and wanted to believe this was a joke. But knowing Levi for such a long time he doesn't joke around, heck he doesn't even laugh at them.

"This is definitely not a normal illness," She said, picking up the pedals with a pair of tweezers and placing them under the microscope. "They seem like normal (fav. flower), but to cough one up is unusual...I think I've read something like this when I was a child. Hana-something disease if I remember correctly, it's a disease about the loss of a loved one I believe." After finishing that sentence she immediately went to flip through books. "This will take me a while, try asking him if he's lost someone he loves recently, let him get the pain out before it's too late."

"This sounds ridiculous." Levi was annoyed, a disease that only existed in stories for a little girl can't become real, can it?

"Do you have a better reason then?" Levi fell silent. "Then go do what I asked you to do!"

Leaving with a sigh, Levi walked back to (Y/n)'s room. Seeing them hunched over the bed, the bread was uneaten but he drank the water at least. Deciding to go straight into the point of why he was here, Levi pulled out a chair sitting with his legs crossed, he started his interrogation. "I will be asking you a few questions, I hope you will be cooperating." After getting a reassuring nod from (Y/n), Levi asked Hange's questions.

"Have you lost someone important to you recently?" The room's atmosphere suddenly went cold. Levi could tell (Y/n) was glaring at him even if he didn't look up from his haunched position.

A few seconds passed by and (Y/n) decided to speak. "I lost the love of my life to a mere stranger." Levi was surprised at (Y/n)'s answer he wasn't expecting at all. Seeing how handsome (Y/n)'s face us, it was questionable how his partner cheated on him.

Just as Levi was thinking, (Y/n) coughed again, and even more blood came out. "How long have you known it?"

"It's been... 3 or 4 months at least." (Y/n) answered, he doesn't remember the details but it's been a while since he has seen his ex-wife. (Y/n) stood up slowly, but just as he was about to walk to the door and leave he suddenly collapsed onto the floor with a scream.

Levi was startled and kneeled beside (Y/n)'s fallen body. Levi picked him up and brought him to Hange who seemed to have found something.

"It's a medical disease caused by the loss of a loved one. The way he can get rid of it before he dies is by either falling in love with a different person, or by basically accepting and moving on from the death of the loved one." Hange said, "But both are hard to do and most people die before they do accept, or they accept too late and turn into a plant."

"Well, that's dark." Levi said look at the (Y/n) on the bed. "What stage is he at right now?"

"Well, it's not to the point of no return, we can still get him to accept their death"

"I don't think we're going to do that anytime soon." (Y/n) said, waking up from whatever he was going through. "I'll need a distraction at most." (Y/n) said, cleaning up his clothes from getting touched all over. He was kinda annoyed by the thought of someone bringing him somewhere he didn't know.

"I will need to go back to where I was, someone will lead me back." (Y/n) demanded fixing his cuffs. Hange tried to argue with him but the glare caused her to shut up. "I will go back. Now." With no other choice, Levi told him where to go, causing him some great annoyance.

The two kept an eye on (Y/n), noticing his coughs have been getting worse the past few days, there were also times when he wouldn't come out of his room for hours on end and you can just hear how hoarse his voice is.

As the days pass, fewer and fewer sounds come from his room, and he has completely shut himself in.

And one day...that's when it happened.

One of (Y/n)'s soldiers kicked the door down. They were worried, as no one was responding to their questions.

(Y/n) was on his bed...his chest was open as the blood dripped down creating a pool of blood below the bed. It didn't seem like a clean-cut either, looked more ripped open than anything. Chills stop down everyone's spine.

The weirdest part was the blood-red (Favorite flowers) growing out of the wound. (Y/n)'s face showed nothing, it looked as if he was just sleeping. The plant also grew out of his mouth and around his head wrapping around it. It must have been unbelievably painful to just watch it grow. But the speed of it was more terrifying than anything. Just a few minutes of them standing there watching it looked as if it grew a few centimeters.

You can feel as if it was alive, as if it was sentient and was looking at the group with its fully bloomed flower. Showing them what monstrosity it was. It was a horrific sight.

Levi felt responsible...he was the one who led (Y/n) back to his living space. If he was convincing enough (Y/n) might have gotten help.

Levi looked at the plants, silently listening to the cries of (Y/n)'s friends, he felt as if he was missing something, something he could never get back but he had a feeling about what it is.

'I guess I'll never find out.'

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