Jungkook: Because i fucking Love you God dammit.

Her heartbeat stopped, she was dying to hear these words from him. He breathes out before saying in a low voice

Jungkook : You think i don't love you , I'm crazy about you. From childhood to now , i was regretting the whole time because me and my family gave you pain and only pain. The time when i told my mother about your plushie i never knew that they'll beat you. I regret it, I regret it every time i see you. I feel like i ruined your life , i wanna give you a good life. I want to see you happy , you'll never be happy with me.Β  I can just give you pain and that's it. Now you're mature enough to make your decision and be happy , but i can't see you with someone else because i love you.

Jungkook : I know i was a coward to accept his own feelings and ignore your feelings towards me. I'm a total mess.

Jungkook : When you ignore me it hurts. It hurts worse than ever , my heart aches seeing you being cold to me. I can't sleep without you beside me , i can't eat properly without seeing you , i can't even breathe properly if you're not around. You mean the world to me

Jungkook : I left my family for you and you still think i don't love you.

He was literally crying while confessing his feeling , she sobbed before hugging his chest.

Y/n : i-im sorry

She buried her head more , he hugged her tightly and buried his face in her neck.

Jungkook : I love you so much

He said while sobbing , she pulled off from the hugged and cup his cheek.
She smile at him

Y/n : I love you toooooooo

She said and peck his lips , he smile a lil.

Jungkook : Ah you can come out

Jungkook chuckled , taehyung and Lisa who both are hiding behind curtains come out while smiling nervously.
Taehyung wiped his tear and yn laughed at him.

Taehyung : yeahΒ  That was sad

Lisa : yeah it was actually sad 🀧

Y/n : awww

Yn smile at them before hugging jungkook more.

Jungkook : shall we go home?

He asked they all nodded their head.


Yn held jungkook wrist and hugged him again.

Y/n : I'm sorry

She said in low tone , he Patt her back.

Jungkook : It's okay ynah

Y/n : still I'm sorry for everything. You never hurted me, why you think like that? Even you're the one who protects me always.

Y/n : I'm grateful that you're in my life and you always bring happiness in it.

He smile at her and caressed her cheek

Y/n : and I'm sorry for behaving so rude and cold towards you. Even I'm feeling like to slap myself that time , how can I hurt this little bunny?

He chuckled

Jungkook : am I your little bunny?

She nodded her head

Y/n : yes you're. My cutiepie

He giggled , he cup her face and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes and touch his chest.
She was kissing back with same passion he was being gentle. He was pulling her closer by waist still in the passionate kiss.

Jungkook : he kissed you on forehead

He said and kissed her forehead multiple times she giggled

Jungkook : on cheeks too

He kissed on her cheek multiple times again.

Y/n : ah stop now

She laughed he peck her neck and hugged her.

Jungkook : Let's sleep I'm sleepy

She giggled and nodded her head.

He lay down on bed , she was sitting on the bed. He lay his head on his lap she started playing with his hair. He closed his eyes

Y/n : You look so tired today.

He nodded his head a Lil.

Jungkook : Yeah mom called today to come home tomorrow.

Y/n : oh

Jungkook : hmm

Y/n : Can i come too?


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