SLS โ€ขbeat upโ€ข

can you do sls/n gets jumped by her bullies and her brothers see her come home bruised up and they take care of her?

this whole sturniolo imagineย  book is becoming an SLS/N book

-SLS/N pov-

Today at school was going horribly. Everyone was picking on me in every period I had. Every class.

I don't even know why. They call me names, push me around, and follow me everywhere.

The school was done and I was walking to my locker to pick up some stuff so I could do some homework when I got home.

"Hey Nick" Someone said behind me as they tapped my shoulder.

"Chris we're calling you" Someone else said as they tried turning me around from my locker. I turned around and looked at them, they were the 2 girls out of the whole group that suck up.

The group leaders.

"It's SLS/N, and what do you want now?" I asked them pissed off as I raised my voice..

"Oh, you finally wanna defend yourself?" One of them said.

"You're not gonna be doing this to me all year were only in September," I said to her getting closer (not u thinking u can fight)

"What are you gonna do hit me?" One of them said getting even closer. I slapped her across the face before both of them are one me starting to hit me.

"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" People watching started to say. I grabbed one of their hairs as they scratched a part of my face. I got them both off me as I started hitting them with my eyes closed.ย 

They hands was in my face.

"PRINCIPAL" Someone yelled as they all ran away, me there still fighting the girls.ย 

"Don't talk about me ever again" I told them as i got up. I saw the principal looking at me when I got up.ย 

I just went the opposite direction leaving the school, and walking to the Subway beside it.

I called Matt and told him to pick me up with the others in the car, as I waited.

-Matt pov-

I got a call from SLS/N and she asked me to pick her up with Chris and Nick in the car. We were already out, and her school wasn't that far so we could go get her.

"We're driving to her school" I said as I made a U-turn with my magic school bus. *van

"Who's school?" Chris asked.

"Chris we have any friends who still go to high school?" Nick asked him.

"No?" Chris said.

"Do we have any siblings who are still in high school?" He asked him.

"Yeah SLS/N" Chris said as they looked at each other.

"Oh her right" Chris said.

"Dumbass" Nick mumbled.

"You have something to say to me don't mumble it say it to my face" Chris said to him.

"YOU DUMBASS" Nick yelled at him almost causing me to jump.

"BITCH" Chris yelled.

"Ok enough" I said as we arrived at the school. I didn't see her outside so I told her we were there.


Favorite Child after me

Maffew: Wya?

Favorite Child after me: Subway

Maffew: K


"She's at Subway" I told them as I drove there, it was right across the street from the building.

When we got there we didn't get out of the car, she came to us. As she walked to the car, I could see her limping from her left foot to my side.

I rolled down Chris's window since he was in the front seat and I spoke to her.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked her.

"I'm fine" She said, her hood was on and she was looking down.

"Nick open the door for her.

"Her hands aren't limping her foot is" He said.

"Just open it" I said to him. He leaned from his seat and opened the door for her as she entered the car. *magic school bus

"Are you ok?" Chris asked as he looked at her laughing.

"Ok SLS/N in her emo era" Nick said as we laughed. But not her, her head was just leaning on the window.

"Show your face c'mon we wanna see you" I said to her. She took her hoodie off and I saw that she had been beaten.

"Oh my gosh" Nick said as we gasped.

"What happened?" Chris said as he turned around.

"These girls kept making fun of me and I was done with it" She said to us.ย 

"How do they look like?" Nick asked her as I began to drive back to the school.

"Does it matter, why are you going back?" She asked me as I drove.

"Does it matter, what do they look like?" I asked her as we were in the school parking lot.

"They're over there, with the fucked up hair" She said as Chris Nick and I opened our doors getting out of the car.ย 

"Stay here" Nick told her.

We started walking towards the teenage girls standing beside boys who seemed younger than them. When we got there they seemed happy to see us, as if they didn't just beat our little sister.

"Hi" Chris said when we got there.

"Hey, are you guys the Sturniolo triplets?" One of them asked as the other one pulled out a phone.

"Nowhere SLS/N's sister, and we don't want you near her" Nick said to them.


"She what? She's prettier? Smarter? Dresses better?" Chris asked her.

"No, I just don't mess with her" The other one said.

"Well that's on you" I said to her.

"You couldn't defend yourself so you called your brothers?" She said as I looked behind me as I saw SLS/N. She swung on the girl's face as she fell, nose bleeding. I circle quickly formed around us with people filming.

"And you stink" I said before we all went back to the car.

"OK SLS/N" Nick said giving her a high five as she smiled.

"You ate that" Chris said to her.

"I didn't even know you could fight" I said.

"You never tried me, wanna try?" She asked.

"I don't want a bloody nose" I yelled out the window pointing at the girls outside as I started driving

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