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Millie lives on the Internet. Her world is made up of binary numbers and Internet tabs. Paul is a Social Networking Pastor who helps bring those, that prefer the virtual world, to know Jesus Christ. What happens when they meet on Wattpad and begin a friendship that may change both of their lives?

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This book is the second book in my spirituality series, this book covers the basics of spirituality from the knowledge I got from creatures and from what I have seen and learned. I hope you enjoy this book. ^^

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My whole childhood was centered around doing the right thing and pleasing God and my family. Until one day there was something I couldn't ignore anymore. I began realizing there was something that called me for years. My Spiritual Journey began and I am going to tell you how it goes.

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ရစ်ပတ်နွယ်တတ်သောအချစ် ဘယ်သူကဘယ်သူ့ကိုနွယ်မှာလဲ.....

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There is no such thing as a person who is too far away from God to receive salvation and forgiveness.

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Do you ever wonder what you are here to do, how you are supposed to live, how to live your life for Jesus and serve him with everything you do, or even how to enter the world of Christianity? Well then you should read this book and hopefully I can help you to answer these questions, but most all Discover what spiritual gifts God has given you...

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Sermons, Preaching, Word of God, Words of Encouragement from different authors.

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I'm always with you no matter how far Somedays i feel like the only person who knows who you really are Your the only person who truly understands me From the day we met i felt like the universe was telling us we were meant to be We won't ever cross each other we're like parallel lines we can't intersect What we have is deeper than friendship it's spiritual we will always connect

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A young boy who lost his family and was left with his cousin. Voices called out to him and slowly, get got to know these voices that are called 'spirits'. No one else could see them except for this young boy. As he goes into university, he soon watches his life change in both good, and bad ways. Original story (IDOLiSH7) and character by Bandai Namco Online

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This book is showing the main page of the site Joy Of Satan and some other pages as well to explain further in one book introducing you to spiritual satanism in really what it is.

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The Holy writings of the Thestic, Traditional, and Spiritual Satanist people, particularly those who align with Joy Of Satan Ministries.

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Inspirational Open minded Gets you thinking

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"Bu...But we are married" I tried to defend myself "But I don't consider you my wife, get the hell out of my room" He yelled I couldn't help but just stare him "You Bloody whore , get out" He slammed the door in front of me as hard as he could. "I hate you" I muttered under my breathe Zara Haider , a 28 year old cardiologist marries an egositic rich brat Shuja Asif, She is a average girl who is practicing Muslimah, she doesn't believes in love. She is a introvert and never fights for her right but when she is forced to marry Shuja Haider her whole perfect life turns into imperfect one. Shuja Asif , a 28 year old Owner of 5 star hotels around world had been forced into marriage with Zara haider who is not of his type. He is egoistic and is already in love with a model "Samaira". A muslim love story, where both of them carry hatred towards each other. One of them believes in love and one of them hates the idea of being in love. Will their world ever colide? Will Zara and Shuja ever get along? To know more , Check the book. #unedited #63 in Spiritual --31st july 2017 #53 in Spiritual --1st August 2017 #45 in Spiritual --2nd Aug 2017 #30 In Spiritual --3rd Aug 2017 #28 in Spiritual --7 Aug 2017 #23 in Spiritual --8/9 Aug 2017 #22 in Spirirual -- 10 Aug 2017 #20 in Spiritual 11 Aug 2017 #18 in Spiritual -- 13 Aug 2017 #13 in Spiritual -- 16 Aug 2017 Cover by Miss Beautiful @Twinkle_Teardrops

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The world hangs by a thread, and it's our fault. What we need is a revival of individual spirituality, and this serves as a concise introduction to this revival.

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Author : Ye Yiluo Status: Complete Status in COO: 397 Chapters Rebirth of a wild child who was abandoned the family. Xiao Jingting, who had been playing bachelor for more than 20 years, was somewhat excited to find that he had a handsome wife. •••• ✷ PLS DON'T REPORT. ✷OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ,NOT MINE.if u have any problem with novel u can PM me .DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ. ✷IMAGE cover is NOT MINE. ✷ Beaware of GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES.