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Basically a book full of aarmau moments and fairy tale's based on aarmau. There are some characters from my book Aphmau Highschool Secret in here also! Enjoy!

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❝For as long as I can remember my heart belonged to you.❞ A twenty-year-old boy gets his life turned upside down with an unexpected turnout. With his life in shreds and his dreams torn apart, Jungkook has no reason for existing. For him, life was a gift. A blessing that he had always cherished. Now, it was nothing but a curse. Twenty-two-year-old Park Jisun had her whole life planned. Her dream was slowly coming true. Everything was going great for the young woman until she hears her best friend's unexpected news. Heartbroken, she puts her goals on hold to be with him. For there wasn't much time left. A sad young woman. A suffering young man. A love triangle that could break a friendship. No one said these last few moments would be easy. How could it? Especially when one felt more for the other. #1 fanfiction #1 btsjungkook #1 jeongguk #1 jungkook #1 jungkookff #1 jeonjungkook #2 jungkookxreader **WARNING: This story deals with depression and high angst. Don't read if uncomfortable.** Started: June 21, 2019 Ended: August 20, 2020 STATUS: COMPLETED (In midst of revision and editing) 1st place in the Sea 2020 Awards!!💜 2nd place in the Stay Gold Awards!💜 2nd place in The Magic Shop Awards!! 2019-2020💜 3rd place in the K Gleam Awards!!💜 3rd place in the Best Bts Book Awards!💜 This is book is PURELY fanfiction. I don't own any of the bts members or the company. I only own the plot. Any other settings or objects are purely coincidental. 😻 #Sea2020AwardShow

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Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead's ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early. The male lead loves her, the male supporting character loves her too. The female lead was injured and broken-hearted because being loved, trampled and abused by all men for she had a face that was similar to hers. The relationship with male lead was full of twists and turns, tortured between life and death, and finally had a Happy Ending. Sang Yuanyuan : "I'm sorry, I 一 first don't want to die, second don't want to be abused. So I choose to run away with the villain. Excuse me, goodbye." The villain squinted his long eyes, with a lazy posture and lips smiling like a spring breeze-- "Beside me... is nothing but hell." She contemplated for three seconds. "Does the hell have land?" "... There's a wasteland." "Does it have water?" "... Only blood." He wants to see her panic and lose her head, waits for her to scream and escape, but after blanking for three seconds the woman's eyes instead shine faintly. "What a good opportunity to try a new variety!" "..." He who always lingers in the deepest darkness, has never thought that there would be a person who can fill a whole wasteland with flowers and grass.. Associated Names: After Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight, had a HE with the Villain.

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A collection of one-shots and short stories. Characters and art do not belong to me, but plot does. Do not copy. Read, Like, Comment, Share and Enjoy.

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Short-lived cannon fodder A wholehearted salted fish [GL] [MTL] -- Wen Yuan always believed that she would become a Beta until the day she decided to confess to the male god, she was bitten into an Alpha by the first-grade elementary school god. During the differentiation, Wen Yuan suddenly realized that she was actually in this ABO romance novel. The Short-lived female cannon fodder. In the book, the male god uses the cannon fodder to stimulate the female protagonist, and the cannon fodder is blackened. After awakening, Wen Yuan immediately decided: Stay away from scumbags! Study well! Make an excellent salted fish! However, in the face of the falling homework, Wen Yuan wanted to cry without tears. Fortunately, the elementary school god who bit her into an Alpha felt guilty and patiently fed her questions. Wen Yuan always thought that the elementary school god Chu Yihan was a gentle and kind little sheep until she was squeezed dry, and she realized it later: God's special Meow little sheep, this is the big bad wolf in sheep's clothing ----------------------- Content label: Flower season, rainy season, past and present life, match made by nature. Protagonist: Wen Yuan, Chu Yihan ----------------------- RAW: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE AUTHOR

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Contains man-to-man sex, violence, sexual assault, male pregnancy, bullying. Work of fiction. Circumstances, names, places mentioned in this stories are purely products of the author's imagination. Read on your own accord. (credits to the owner of the photo I used as a cover)

3,117 79 39 Author: Mu Yang Xiaoxiao Category: Rebirth through time travel Release time: 2022-06-27 Latest: Chapter 87 Emperor Hong's Death Through rebirth finished 427,000   When You Tiantian turned eighteen, she was told by the system that she had transmigrated into the short-lived white moonlight of the hero. Because the heroine is three points similar to her, she has all kinds of sweet sadistic love with the hero, and finally HE. In the extra episode, in order to show his love, the hero dug up Bai Yueguang's body to prove his heart to the heroine. Bai Yueguang Benguang You Tiantian who is still alive: "???" I'm so angry, as long as I don't die, no one will try to dig up my body! But God wants her to die, flower pots fall from the sky, deep-fried cups for drinking, deep-fried cooking... In order to survive, You Tiantian did not hesitate to bind the system, exchanging death and catastrophe for resources to become stronger. The chandelier from the sky, robbery +1, in exchange for "Fuxi Baguazhang". Encountered a car accident, robbery +1, change to a prescription for strengthening the body. Drink water to fry the cup, robbery +1, and change to hidden cultivation formula. ... What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. God, come on, help me become stronger. In the struggle against God, You Tiantian bumped into a person who, like her, suffered a lot from death - the eldest brother of the male protagonist who died early. Knowing that African chieftains and African chieftains meet, they will not become Europeans, but will die faster, so she sent the request "don't come here" to that person. The other party gave her an OK gesture and resolutely touched her. You Tiantian: "..." Gan! Later, she discovered that with the eldest brother in the house, one death calamity, double calamity, and double rewards. Cool! Brother Zhengfang, come here quickly, let's join hands, in the hands of God for a long time! Later, the down-and-out male protagonist

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So basically, its just a short stories about Sana and Jihyo Expect skipping time and date here, not detailed but i hope you still catch the point of the story It also include other ships 2yeon Michaeng Dahmo and of course SAHYO 🤗 1. LOVE 2. FAMOUS 3. IN THE SUMMER

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Newt finds Credence (whom he thought was dead) alive, and takes him back to England to live with him. True love! Warnings: Shitty writing (I tried my best) and hints at past sexual abuse. Cover credit: Kaciart on Tumblr

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Author: I am my sister story not mine do not vote ok? [Crossing the Book + Doomsday + Cute Pet] Midsummer's mantra: The thief God wants my life every day! Midsummer's wish: Go to the final chapter, spend your old age in peace! In the eighteen years of studying martial arts in midsummer, the value of force exploded. Chuanshu arrived in an eschatological essay and became a short-lived female partner who could not survive more than twenty chapters. He was about to receive a box lunch. Midsummer is angry! See my space spirit field in hand, let me travel in the last days! After the end of the world |: Others are eating dry food that is hard to swallow. Midsummer: Change fruits and vegetables, eat as much as you want. When going out on a mission, other people carry their baggage at any time. In midsummer, with cute pets, wave a little hand, as if to travel. When encountering mutant beasts, others are fighting monsters hard, and in midsummer they are thinking about how to eat... Blood red leopard beast: Leopard meat and onion pancakes are so fragrant! Nine-tailed Sky Fox: Tsk, barbecue fox meat, absolutely! Mutant Octopus: Stir-fried squid? Iron squid? Fried squid in sauce? All arrangements! Mutant Turtle: Arrangement of Yam King Batang! As for the male protagonist: what do men do? Can you eat it as a meal? PS: 1. The overhead is modern, and the frame is super super empty. The organization structure inside is purely fictitious. 2. 1v1, double clean, double place. 3. There will not be too many emotional dramas, and the plot is the main focus. One sentence introduction: Life is so beautiful, I want to make my final decision: Life is so beautiful, please live well! Content tag: female partner with the ability to travel through time and space search keywords: protagonist: Midsummer, Gu Ziyan┃ Supporting roles: Jinbao, Xu Yi, Mu Ting┃ Others: portable space, abilities, wear books

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Rose Green is an average witch sent back in time from the year 2015 to the late 40's. She starts her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry catching the attention of Tom Riddle Jr. Follow her on her journey to get through her last years at Hogwarts and make new friends along the way. (This is not a true love story. It is a one sided love one. Riddle is unable to love.)

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While in class one day, Aizawa brought in a girl a quirk that brings in a person's counterparts from other dimensions, in order to teach them about the importance of good decisions. Izuku Midoriya goes first, but what happens when his counterparts are different from what everyone expected? A little more dangerous, malicious, insane...villainous. ~ BHNA/MHA belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi. The AU characters I use belong to each of their original creators. I just tweaked each one of them, so none of them are exact.

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UnOrdinary fanfiction with different prompts, some stories are connected, some chatfics, some crack-ish chapters? John has solved his problems and Sera got her ability back. My ships for this are Arlo/Elaine, Blyke/Remi, Isen/Cecile. (Idk how I feel about John/Seraphina.) I see this as an endgame of sorts, when things have settled but I'll add a bit of plot as well. I love romance so expect to find lots of fluff and cute moments. (Arlo still throws utensils lmao.) Most of these are one-shots but should connect in some way. I love UnOrdinary and props to uru-chan for creating it. All of the characters belong to her, the story ideas are mine though. There might be a few original characters but they don't play a big role. This is my first story on Wattpad, I hope you enjoy my story! Please vote and comment, thank you.