Mystery / Thriller

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Join sherlock holmes in his journey with envangeline tewkesbury a person with a past with him, sister to lord tewkesbury, what will happen in his story with her? Also this is a quick jump into action story so no slow burns!! /cherlock x evangeline /tewkesbury x enola

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Eddie Kaspbrak moved to Derry after the death of his father because his mother wanted a new start. From his new house, he sees a boy in the house across the street who looks miserable and everyday, he sees him running away from his house and sneaking out every night. Eddie wants to know the boys story, he's the perfect mystery, the perfect boy

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Sam was exploring in his wolf form when a beautiful young woman comes up to him. He looks at her in the eye and he knows that he has just imprinted on her. (He doesn't know that she's apart of the Cullens just yet )

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Rosaline was the youngest of The Salvatore Family, but with her father, Giuseppe, being a part of the Mystic Falls Town Council, not everything is going to go to plan. After a ball party her father tells her that her brother's had turned into demon's so he 'took care of them'. One day her father makes the mistake of taking someone Niklaus, an Original, wants. But when her father refuses to hand them over, Niklaus does the one thing he knows will ruin her father, and turns his little girl into the thing he dreads the most, a Vampire. When she finds out her brother's are still alive she goes on a search to find them. What happens when she bumps into The Original Family? Will she ever be reunited with her brothers or will she be killed?

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Bigfoot is looking for revenge by injecting the people who caused him pain. This is my first time writing so please don't judge me too harsh. I do not own Martin Mystery.

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"Relocated into my new account, @iiWangXian."

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THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THE SALVATORE SISTER, SO READ THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS!! Rosaline is back again for a family reunion, but having a family reunion isn't always what it's looked up to be, especially if the last of your family are vampires. Just as her brothers have told her everything that has happened to them, Damon's old friend returns and harms Rosaline's friends. What happens when she gets compelled by people she trusts? What happens when her best friend dies will she be ok? And what will happen when she falls in love with someone dangerous that her family don't approve of?

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Ruby Decesare is a 16-year-old girl who was adopted at the age of three. She lives with parents who are in a very rough neighborhood. She has a younger sister at the age of five years. When she finds out that she was adopted she tries to find her parents. She goes to Mystic Fall from the information she got.

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READ BOTH THE SALVATORE SISTER AND SALVATORE REUNION BEFORE READING THIS. This story is another to go with The Salvatore collection. Rosaline is the Salvatore brothers, younger sister. She fell in love with the wrong person and was compelled to forget everything, but what will happen when she becomes close to another dangerous person? What will happen when she becomes everyone's new secret weapon? Will she ever get her life back?

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Okay, here's my turn on a Jaune arc fic. Hopefully it turns out good, or better then my last attempt.

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Cyrene Lennox was starting her first year in Hogwarts! How will it turn out to be? Will it be peaceful? Will she achieve her goal to find her missing brother? Read on to find out! Just the storyline of a game called Hogwarts Mystery. Characters are customised. Go download it and you'll know! This is a story my friend wrote, but too shy to upload herself. So I'll be doing the uploading for her. All credits to mah dear baby!! (The prologue was original, made by her, not the real plot.) Enjoy!

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(a op male reader x highschool dxd story... hope it's good enough to read and just to mention... IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP A CHARACTERS PERSONALITY THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL...) well have fun reading! hope you enjoy!

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Anakin is murdered. There are many people who could have killed him, Obi Wan tries to figure out this mystery. This story has prequel/clone wars characters and original trilogy characters

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Allegra is a lively and joyful girl. Even after all the dreadful past, she doesn't forget to live her life to the fullest. At the age of 13, she rejoined her brothers. The brothers lost their smile, life, and joy years ago. They are like lifeless leaves scattered around. Allegra has brought joy to every person she met to date, and now it's her brother's turn. •|HAPPY READING|• Started: 25/Aug/2021 Ended: 26/Feb/2023

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Luna has to move into a new house so she can go to college and get her Degree in Dance. One day she gets a letter in the mail saying she can live at this house and she won't have to pay for a dorm. She wants to get from her so-called parents, so she thinks it over and agrees. She later finds out that her parents were planning on kicking her out. Today she goes to her new home.