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You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying reading them.

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Some SHORT horror stories off the top of my head. May be 2 sentences or 6 words. They're all mixed in.

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Zawgyi မႈခင္းဆရာ၀န္တစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္တဲ့ ေရွာင္းက်န႔္နဲ႔ လူတစ္ေယာက္ရဲ့ေသဆံုးျခင္းကို ျမင္ရတတ္တဲ့ရိေပၚရဲ့ ဇာတ္လမ္းေလးကို အာသာ @thidar1485 နဲ႔ သာသာနဲ႔ collabလုပ္ၿပီးေရးထားတဲ့ ficေလးပါ Unicode မှုခင်းဆရာဝန်တစ်ယောက်ဖြစ်တဲ့ ရှောငး်ကျန့်နဲ့ လူတစ်ယောက်ရဲ့သေဆုံးခြင်းကို မြင်ရတတ်တဲ့ရိပေါ်ရဲ့ ဇာတ်လမ်းလေးကို အာသာ @thidar1485 နဲ့ သာသာနဲ့ collabလုပ်ပြီးရေးထားတဲ့ ficလေးပါ

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"i'm not one of them, but i'm not me either." horror|apocalypse standalone|2015 #48 in horror- 8/1/16 #34 in horror- 1/6/17

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16 Horror stories to read at night.

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A bunch of short horror stories. Some of them are seriously short. I'm not kidding. Hope you get blown away. That is, if you give this book a try. . . . . Would really appreciate that. Imma go now.

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This is a Collection of Real Life Horror stories. These stories are told by various different people who personally experienced paranormal events.

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"Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky" My dull black and white life was filled with colour again when I met those 7 boys. Everything was going perfect... No. Everything was going the way I wanted it to go... Until that one night where I had a mysterious dream. A dream realer that reality itself. It warned me. "He's after your soul. He wants to kill your soul." "Who?" "The one who calls you Little Star." But the only problem was... All seven of them called me Little Star. [ JIMIN X READER ] #6 on #jimin (01/08/2021) #3 on #horror-thriller (05/03/2021) #63 on #taehyung (06/08/2021) #3 on #psychological (15/08/2021)

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An unexpected day at school, the girls decide to skip class and hide in an abandoned class. Little did they know the class was haunted. That is from where it all started.....

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Two sentences. Some might not be the best.

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The most this fanfiction contains is fluff, angst, and whatever you call a singular making out session. Enjoy! [ALL ART BY ME] Horror and Dust, even working on same teams, could never tell each other how they felt. No matter how many times they are partnered up for missions. Although, that doesn't mean they don't open up, they have just never had the time to get to know one another personally. Horror, being one that doesn't mind talking about himself, while Dust barely opens up at all. Which is why.. Dust was always fond of echo flowers. He can open up to something that isn't actually listening. The only problem is that the echo flowers repeat it, so he enjoys keeping different echo flowers for different logs when he feels like he needs to vent deep in the forest behind Nightmare's mansion. Nobody knows he goes out and does these things... but that doesn't mean somebody won't find out. The night Horror catches Dust going out during night hours, some would wonder how he reacts to Dust's logs and how he keeps them.. Will he keep it a secret, even from Dust himself? Even after learning some of Dust's deepest secrets? [Started: 6/8/2022] [Ended: 7/1/2022]

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If you want to get scared, this book is definitely for you! Add your library and start reading right now! :) P.S.: Most of them are quotation.

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This world is full of entities, oddities and things that cannot be explained. In this book, some of it would be shown. Some can be real or made up. Historical or recent. All that you want to read are here where horror is in it's truest form?. I would try to update it at least twice a day. Note: Most of the stories here are not mine. I am not going to take credit for others. #52 in horror (19/05/18) #61 in horror (09/05/18) #1 in madeup stories #67 in horror(09/05/18) #84 in horror(8/05/18) #107 in horror(7/05/18) #137 in horror(06/05/18) #187 in horror (05/05/18) #251 in horror (04/05/18) #255 in horror (02/05/18) #310 in horror (01/05/18) #2 in horror,flower awards (1/05/18) #405 in horror (30/04/18) #605 in horror (29/04/18) Rank: #788 in horror

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Laura is trapped in an elevator. She has been there for as long as she can remember. The elevator is going down. She doesn't think she's alone. . . --- A short HORROR story from the author of CUPID'S MATCH and DEVILS INC. Previously featured on Wattpad. Find me on Instagram @LaurenPalphreyman