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After beating the Unova and Kalos league, (Y/n) goes on a much needed vacation to the Alola region where he has to go through another trial. One that may be larger and tougher than his last two!

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Just a doctor living near the outskirts of Ooo

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That was a long time ago...Do you still feel the same? .....I know I do.....

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The year is 2997 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Humans aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all humans get tested mentally and divided into categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave. Sophia is a little, her daddy is a mafia vampire prince. Her best friend is also a little and has his own daddy. They got other friends too, they are Doms and scary looking but are just Big Teddy Bears. They all go to Doms&Littles academy. This is our adventures This is a ddlg/ddlb/CGL story, don't read it if you are underage? Happy now Wattpad?

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You were lost. Hopeless. And raided. After escaping from the hands of the corrupted world, you became an outcast. You found yourself stuck in an island where you think it was only just a dream. You felt contented and at ease as if it was the world you presumed to be. Eventually, you met their hero and assumed for his help but soon enough they found your darkness. You were a threat to them. Now that matters is your safety. Would you force yourself for acceptance but possibilities of harm or to be alone and killed? --- Him | Adventure Time © capuzzino 2021

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You fall into a puddle and wake up in a hospital? Except its pink, there's also a Pink chick reading a clipboard. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, or what adventures await. (COMPLETED) (I just found out that I can't write descriptions, so sorry if it's really cringy. XD Also the cover art is not mine, but I couldn't find the owner.)

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In this Fanfic Rimuru goes to a World called Ygddrasil (Overlord). He will start from the very bottom as a Slime .. Will he rise again?

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What happens when a normal summer vacation becomes so much more especially for two best friends who will go on a journey to become the greatest hero's of all time

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Fire Captain Maya Bishop got ready for her shift at Station 19 and went to work just like every other shift she had done. However, during a call with her long-term girlfriend Dr Carina Deluca she heard what sounded like crying coming from outside the station. Upon further investigation, she discovered the noise was coming from a child. She took the child into her office and quickly formed a bond with them That's when Maya realised, this child was to be the next adventure in her life... Inspired by lovatic_f story "Maya's Next Step" (when coming up with the name for my story I didn't realise how similar they were until after I posted it) With that, I am in no way going to copy or steal their ideas. I was just very inspired by what they wrote.

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*REQUESTS ARE CLOSED* Read the title sweetheart, this is just a compilation of one shots and other stuff for the adventure time characters :P

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Candice Wilson, a friend to Zak, Nick and Aaron AKA the Ghost Adventures Crew, is a little skeptical when it comes to the paranormal, but when things start happening will she start believing? COMPLETE! {Sequel up "Help Me Remember"}

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What if Harry Potter wasn't the only son of Lily Evans? What if Percy Jackson wasn't the only son of the Sea God? What if these two people had a child together? A daughter. By the name of Isabella Zale Potter. Sure, Isa expected her life to be crazy ever since she found out she was a demigod. But did she ever expect it to be this crazy? NOPE! From finding family, going on quests, fighting in multiple wars, and falling in love... she didn't foresee all these things to happening to her. ✵lightning thief -- battle of the labyrinth✵ ✵chamber of secrets -- prisoner of azkaban✵ dracoxoc

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He was my best friend for years... until he suddenly shoved me away. For years I thought that our friendship was over, until a summer camp turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

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Where Y/n from the Demon Slayer World gets transported to the JJBA world. < < DISCONTINUED > >

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You are just a normal girl who has an everyday life. You wish for a bit of adventure, even though it seems unrealistic. But that's when you meet someone who makes a twist in your life (or shall I say time?) • • • Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures, characters, places, etc. that were in the movie, 'Meet the Robinsons' or the 'Meet the Robinsons videogame' or owned by Disney at all! I only own the plot, drawings, characters, places, etc. that I made up unless it does contain characters of Disney or etc. The reader is owned by herself.